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Random Babbling

I’m waiting for an electrician to show up.

This is the summer of costly home repairs?

I thought I’d Random Ramble to you while I’m waiting.

Here goes ….

First, I’m so tired of everyone wearing “cold shoulder” shirts.

This is just stupid?

It is ALL you see in the stores.

It is ALL you see girls/women wearing.

And ….?

I think it’s ridiculous, overdone, and only looks good on girls about the age of 10.

However, if you own dozens of cold shoulder shirts –

  1. I don’t blame you because there’s nothing else available to purchase, and
  2. I’m sure you’re an exception and look wonderful in it.

Second, my arm/injuries/disability is a pre-existing condition.

I’m sure I’ll be dealing with the aftermath of the car accident in some manner or another for the rest of my life.

Just saying …..

Third, Paul Newman has changed up my routine recently.

I’m now with a new, more patient/encouraging/positive tech for strengthening activities.

I’ve also begun working on a pilates reformer for some of my arm/upper body strengthening and I’ll be continuing that in the future.

I think both of these changes are positive things.

It’s hard to feel good about pt when you’re working with someone who clearly doesn’t want to work with you and/or has an attitude of, “You could do this if you actually wanted to.”

(I’ve been on this journey for eleven years – I don’t have time for people with bad attitudes.)

Fourth, I’m loving yoga.

Or pre-yoga as I call it.

Pre is for pretend because there’s very little REAL yoga I can do with my arm.

I love my instructor … she does “therapeutic” yoga and loves working with people who have physical challenges.

I’m currently spending an hour with her each week.

We do exercises/stretches for my entire body but she’s concentrating a lot on strengthening and stabilizing my core and upper body.

In a way, it’s kind of an “extra” physical therapy session each week.

I feel like it’s a huge benefit to me right now as I try to get my body working again.

Fifth,  The electrician just showed up.

He “loves” dogs, but is terrified of Fred and Frank “because they’re as big as bears.”

Frank requesting a walk.

I guess Frank looks like a panda bear, and Fred (quite obviously) most resembles a black bear?

Like most people, the electrician asked if he could take a photo of them because “no one will believe there are dogs as big as these.”

People’s reactions to my very sweet, loving, Fur Faces always makes me laugh.

Frank, on the couch, enjoying watching TV.

Fred did bark once at the electrician just to say hello.

The electrician grabbed his heart and said, “That bark was so big I could FEEL it.”


Fred currently weighs around 180 pounds and Frank, my puppy, is only 140 – 145.

OK, I’m off to answer electrician questions.

Have a wonderful day!

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The Summer of Heat

My air conditioning is broken again/still/forever.

A repairman is working on it (yet again) today.

It has NOT worked more than it has worked this summer.

It’s a fairly new unit, and supposedly a very good quality unit, so why does it break all the time?

It’s made me into a Hot Woman this summer – which is something I aspired to be frequently when I was younger.


Not so much.

Keep your fingers crossed it will be working by the end of today …

And, hopefully, keep working this time.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few photos from my recent trip to Santa Barbara.

I had a great 4th of July – which was also my THIRTIETH wedding anniversary.

Damn, I’m getting old?

Our “big” anniversary celebration will be the trip to Australia in February.

But, a quick trip up the coast was a great way to celebrate the “real” date.

Driving north – through the car window mountains to the right, ocean (not shown) to the left.

Once you get north of L.A., the drive becomes pretty.

Mountains on one side of the road and ocean on the other.

I played “Ventura Highway” by America a few times as I drove north on Ventura Highway.

After a couple hours, I reached Santa Barbara ….

From inside my car:  Entering Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is my forever happy place.

I’ve got a lifetime of memories wrapped up in the town.

My dream would be to return permanently to live and have a small studio there.

Maybe someday?

Mountain view from my hotel’s roof.

I stayed downtown at the Kimpton Canary hotel.

I’ve stayed there before.

It’s convenient because I can park my car and walk everywhere – through the town, to the beach, to most of my favorite restaurants, etc.

(I only used the car once in four days – when I decided to drive north of Santa Barbara to El Capitan State Beach one day.)

The Kimpton also has a pool, bar, fireplace and lounging area on the roof of the hotel.

Ocean view from my hotel’s roof.

One day, as I walked near the ocean, I came across a fisherman just as he caught a small octopus.

He brought it out of the water, and then let it walk around a little for me to watch.

It was very creepy to see a slimey, eight armed creature, “walking” towards me.

I’m pretty sure it was trying to say, “Help meeeeeee!”

After he laughed at my reaction, and posed for a photo, he threw it back in the ocean so it could grow up to be a big octopus.

Fisherman with small octopus – which he released after a few photos.

I’ve got many more photos to go through still.

I haven’t had time and I’ve fallen behind with three trips last month – Nashville, Texas, and Santa Barbara.

I’ll be home (I think?) for a few weeks so I’ll try to share more with you as I get to them.

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Is This It?

July 30th will mark eleven years (and 12 surgeries) since my car accident.

I’ve been struggling much more than usual with my upcoming “bad” anniversary.

A year and a half, and three surgeries ago, I had resigned myself to living my life with my nonfunctional, very (!!) painful, arm.

Paul Newman convinced me I “didn’t have to live like this” and that I should go through one more surgery.

He didn’t give me much choice.

I had the distinct impression he didn’t feel like he could keep me on/help me anymore if I didn’t attempt another surgery.

Paul Newman has been life changing for me – helping me manage my pain more effectively than anyone or anyTHING I’ve previously tried.

I knew I’d be in terrible pain without his help, so I did as he wished and started gathering surgical opinions.

Fortunately, I eventually found Dr. Itamura – the first and only orthopedic surgeon to “get” my injuries.

(I’d previously had so many docs look at my arm!)

Surgery #10 was a big one.

It took away a LOT of pain and I was very grateful to both Paul Newman and Dr. Itamura.

But, two more surgeries followed.

Two surgeries I hadn’t expected … on the elbow of the same damaged arm.

It has been six months since the last one.

I expected to be back to normal and done with physical therapy by now.

But, instead I’m really struggling.

One of the PT techs scolded me for not being able to lift my arm last week.

Then, the same day, she scolded me for not being able to bear weight on my arm.

She felt I should be able to do these things.

And, I suppose, a normal person who had one or two surgeries WOULD be able to do them.

But, I can’t.

It’s not for lack of trying.

And, after everything I’ve been through, I have a very high pain tolerance – so it’s not from wimping out either.

I left PT feeling totally defeated.

And silently, my brain keeps chanting: “Eleven years, eleven years, eleven years!”

Maybe my arm is as good as it will ever be.

Yes, I’m in less pain now and that is a wonderful, positive, thing.

But no, I do not have much function/use in my dominant arm.

I always said I’d be able to live with my arm if it didn’t work …

If only I could get rid of the worst of the pain.

The pain is not gone, but it is much less than it used to be.

Trying to use my arm, however, DOES result in pain flare-ups.

I imagine I’ll always live with pain … but if it isn’t teeth-clenching pain life will be much better.

This is as good as it gets for me?

I don’t know why my arm won’t work as well as I’d hoped.

Maybe my brain has forgotten how to make it work?

I’ve heard that can happen with long term, disabling, injuries.

Maybe more function will gradually come to me – albeit very slowly?

Maybe it will take me years to regain strength again instead of the few months it takes someone with a normal injury?

I don’t know.

I don’t have answers.

I see my surgeon in a few weeks for a follow-up visit.

I can ask him what he thinks then.

But, I do know he (and many other doctors) have previously told me my final results are unknown.

There just aren’t that many (any?) other people out there who have had a non-functioning arm for 11 years with the injuries/surgeries I have.

No one has ever known how much of a recovery would be possible.

Maybe this is as far as my arm can go.

Maybe this is it …?

On July 30th it will be eleven years ….

Eleven years, eleven years, eleven years ………

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Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!

I’m up the coast for a few days – celebrating my wedding anniversary.

I’m sure I’ll post some photos on Spotify and/or Instagram and/or Facebook.

Getting married on the 4th of July was not, perhaps, the best idea.

But, that’s what I did … a long, long, LONG time ago.

Happy Fourth of July from Fred!!

Happy Fourth of July from Frank!

Fred was humiliated when I added flags to his ensemble!

This photo sums up Frank’s personality perfectly!

Fred is a good sport as long as he doesn’t have to wear sunglasses and flags at the same time!

Have a safe holiday.

If you aren’t one of my American readers, I hope you have a fun 4th of July anyway!

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Real Life …

In case you’re wondering what my week’s been like ….

My kitchen came with a double oven unit.

It hasn’t been working well for ages.

The temperature goes UP and comes DOWN at random intervals leaving the user with no clue as to whether anything is really cooking or not.

I had a repairman out awhile back, and he did his best but the unit completely died about two weeks ago.

I just had a new unit (which consists of two ovens) put in.

The day after the install, my downstairs air conditioning unit broke.

Every summer, one of my two a/c units seems to break.

(My house came with two units – one for downstairs and one for upstairs.)

Of course, the a/c units never break when it is 80 degrees outside …

They only break when temperatures reach 100F or more.

Fred, Frank, and I have been pretty miserable over this last week – enduring quite a heat wave.

Newfies don’t do well in hot weather.

I pulled out fans, put ice cubes in their water bowls, fed them chilled watermelon – which they love.

I did my very best to keep them as cool as possible.

Yesterday, the day the heat wave broke and temperatures returned to the 80’s, a repairman finally showed up to fix my air conditioner.

It has been a very expensive two weeks.

In addition, I had a “skin check” with my dermatologist this week.

Having had melanoma before,  I have to go in for regular skin checks.

He decided to do a shave biopsy on a light spot above my lip.

A shave biopsy is where they scrape off a little skin to look at the pathology of the cells.

It isn’t a big deal – particularly to someone with my medical history.

But, as a result, it looks like I have a smear of dark chocolate (the scraped area) right above my mouth and people keep staring at it.

I’m just waiting for someone to try to wipe my face for me.

Lastly, when I returned from the biopsy, I walked into my house to find both Fred and Frank had “escaped” and wreaked havoc throughout my house.

Newfies shed a LOT and drool a LOT so Fred and Frank are confined to the downstairs portion of my house.

(I have bullet proof brick floors downstairs, and carpet upstairs.)

Frank, however, is a master escape artist and has learned how to circumvent every type of barrier I’ve created to contain him.

Fred finds it very interesting to watch Frank devise escape plans, and sometimes he’ll even join in on the actual escape.

(Not always though – sometimes I find Fred staying, obediently, downstairs while Frank freaks out with joy running all over the house.)

Anyway, I came home to find the Newfies had drank out of all three toilet bowls …. or, at the very least, played in them.

There was water all over the bathroom floors and no water left in the toilets.

Newfies do love water!

I’m pretty sure the very definition of a Water Dog is NEWFIE.

They must have had quite a splash party because even the carpets had gotten a little wet during their toilet water play session.

In addition, one of the two dogs (Frank!) had mistaken my green floor towel stand for a tree and peed on it.

(In fairness, it DOES sort of look like a tree???)

My extra lush, snow-white, NICE bath towels were peed on and there was a conspicuous yellow puddle at the foot of the green towel stand.

Fortunately for me, (can I say the word “fortunate” with the week I’ve had?) my washing machine has an extra heavy duty “sanitize” cycle that runs for two hours with extremely hot water.

I may have washed my towels TWICE on the sanitize cycle.

On a positive note, I had a great yoga session on Wednesday.

My instructor made further adjustments for my arm and I survived in much less pain than last week.

I really enjoyed the session and it renewed a spark of hope in me.

How has your week been?

I’m ready for a weekend.




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This, That, And The Other Thing

Happy summer!

It’s been VERY hot here in Southern California.

I’ve been trying to hide from the sweltering (!) heat when I can …

I wanted to update you on all sorts of random stuff today.

It looks like I’ll be going to Cuba in October!

Yep, as of right now my trip is ON in spite of recent changes to Cuba travel restrictions.

I’m very excited – I’ve wanted to visit the country for years.

My itinerary for Cuba is jam-packed.

I’m trying to cram in as much as possible while I’m there.

I expect I’ll be thoroughly exhausted by the time I return.

I will also definitely be in Australia in mid February.

The exact dates aren’t set yet, and neither are the exact locations I’ll be visiting.

I do know I’ll be in Sydney, of course.

I’m also trying to spend a day shooting in the Blue Mountains.

I would like to also visit/see:  Melbourne, the great Ocean Road (a must!), Adelaide, Ayres Rock, and the Great Barrier Reef.

I’ve had to take Perth off my list because there won’t be enough time to see it.

Quite honestly, I’ll probably have to take more things off my list too because I don’t think I’ll have enough time and/or money to do everything I want to do.

If you’re one of my Aussie readers, I’d love to hear suggestions and tips.

I’ve got two book suggestions for those of you who are readers.

Most of my reading time ends up being on planes.

Both of today’s suggestions are pretty easy reads – and neither of them are “new.”

First is All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda.

This book is an entertaining, plot-twisting, fun, summer read.

I’ve known several people who read this book and all of them seemed to enjoy it.

Second is Wild by Cheryl Strayed.

It was a New York Times Bestseller … and I just recently got around to reading it.

This book/memoir was so achingly REAL, it was hard not to be impacted by it.

During recent trips I also read:

The Woman in Cabin 10

Lilac Girls

A Man Called Ove  (Made me cry – I LOVE old men!!)

Yes, I do read at an unnaturally (!!) fast speed.

I’ve always been like that and it’s a little freaky to most of the people in my life.

If you have any good summer books, I’d love to hear about them.

Yoga Update

I might have spoken too soon with all my yoga enthusiasm.

After my last session, my arm flipped out and also popped off my body.  (Subluxed.)

Paul Newman has been on vacation so I couldn’t see him.

Between his trips and mine, I’ve barely been at PT for weeks.

He returns later this week so, hopefully, he’ll be able to help me.

I did go visit one of his co-workers to try to get a little help in the meantime.

Co-worker tried to push my shoulder back into place and it hurt a lot.

(It hurts a lot when Paul Newman does it also.)

I have yoga again this week and I’m planning to go, but I’ll have to skip most of the arm-related stuff.

Sometimes I think I’m just hitting my head against a wall over, and over,

And over again with this disabled arm of mine.

Someday, I suppose, I’ll accept “this is it” and stop trying to make my damn arm work.

But, for now, my stubborn nature keeps pushing me into trying again and again.

Honestly, I exhaust myself with my own stubbornness.

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Thursday, June 22nd 2017

I’m back from Texas.

Man, oh man, was it HOT in Texas!

I had a great visit with my youngest son while I was there.

I really missed my animal friends though.

Fred’s giant paw rests on my foot.  This is his affectionate way of “paw holding” with me.

My Texas-Schedule was nonstop and I was exhausted (in a good way) by the time I got on the plane to head back to Orange County.

After returning home, I came down with a *cold* courtesy of the man who sneezed and coughed all over me nonstop on my flight.

Why am I always seated by The Sick Guy on flights?

I’ve been getting caught up from my trip via my laundry room, the grocery store, etc.

I also went to my second private yoga lesson.

I’m not really doing yoga the way other people do yoga.

I guess you’d say I’m doing pre-yoga … sort of like pre-kindergarten, but different.

The very simplest of things are terrifically difficult for me.

For instance, imagine being all fours like a baby about to crawl – simple, right?

Well, no … because my arm can’t bear weight for more than a millisecond.

But, I’m delighted to be making attempts.

I’m thrilled with every single tiny micro-improvement.

I appreciate it all in a way a “normal” person probably never could.

After my lessons, I come home and wrap my arm in ice and keep my fingers crossed my arm doesn’t:

  1.  Fall off
  2.  Become inflamed and angry at my efforts.

So far, my arm has only been sort of angry.

I think the positives – eventually (hopefully!!) gaining some strength and function – outweigh the pain factor.

I force myself to stay focused on all the teeny-tiny positive improvements to prevent me from feeling like a failure for *all the things I cannot do.*

My instructor is perfect for me – knowledgeable about making many needed modifications, and very encouraging.

She said she is “honored” to work with me and finds me inspirational.


I’m SO grateful she’s willing to help me when others were not.

Isn’t it funny how to some people I’m a complication and not worth the trouble –

And to others, I’m an inspiration and they feel rewarded by helping me along this journey?

A person’s outlook and approach is really everything in life, isn’t it?

Lots of other stuff has been going on, too …

Hopefully, I’ll get a couple posts up next week!

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Yay! is for YOGA!


I finally found someone willing to give me a private (modified for my arm) yoga lesson.


I really enjoyed it.

Also …?

My arm is really sore, but that’s okay.

My instructor did a lot of pre-work (homework?) before we met.

She had modifications for me  –

And MORE modifications … and then, even MORE modifications.

It made me realize there’s absolutely no way I could have gone directly into a class without getting individual help first.

I’m going to meet with her once a week for a few weeks and then, hopefully, I’ll have my modifications down well enough to move into a regular class.

(Private lessons are wonderful, but way too expensive to continue long term.)

I’m really excited about it.

It’s just a baby step, but it’s a beginning and that makes it a very encouraging new adventure in my life.

In other news,

I’ve put a deposit down on a trip BY MYSELF to Cuba.

It *might* be canceled because rumor has it Trump will be rescinding almost everything Obama did regarding Cuba policy changes very soon – possibly as soon as tomorrow when he’s in Miami.

But, I’m hoping any new changes don’t go into effect until January.

We’ll see.

Cuba has been high on my Shoot List, always.

My Cuba trip is currently planned for the end of October – keep your fingers crossed for me!

I’ll be so disappointed if it’s cancelled as a result of the political turmoil in the US right now.

Aussie readers (and I know there are a LOT of you!), I’m also working on my itinerary for an Australia trip in February.

A friend of my family is a travel agent.

Her initial proposal came in as a four week Australia trip costing tens of thousands of dollars.

I wish I had that much time and money, but I don’t ….

So, I’ll be working on possible alternative itineraries for Australia in coming weeks.

Tomorrow/Friday I’m headed to Texas and I won’t be back until Tuesday.

I’m not sure if I’ll have time to post from Texas, but I’ll try!

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Los Angeles Arts District

Happy Monday!

Whew! My life has been a whirlwind lately.

I don’t think I’m going to get a breather until … mid-July?

My oldest son has been home for the last four weeks.

On Saturday, I helped him move into an apartment in Los Angeles where he’ll be living while completing a summer internship program.

In the fall, he’ll return to the east coast to complete his final year in a master’s program.

We made the most of our day in L.A. – the move in was quick, and our play time was long.

(Proving we have our priorities straight?)

We went out to a brunch/lunch with a group of friends at Redbird in downtown L.A.

Entrance to Redbird restaurant in Los Angeles.

From there, we walked the L.A. Arts District where we spent the majority of our day.

Street Art – L.A. Arts District

Breweries are the rage across the country and we had heard there were some great ones in the Arts District.

I’m not much of a drinker because I get drunk on three sips of alcohol making me the cheapest date EVER.

I, also, am not much of a beer person.

But, I enjoy going to breweries anyway.

Breweries in an art district?

Well, that’s a little slice of heaven.

Arts District Brewing Company

I just LOVE when artsy people move into previously industrial areas of a city and make them magnificient.

I love urban photography – especially:  street art, areas where old meets new, and places where grubby industrial and modern chic collide.

Public Garden in L.A. Arts District

Urban photography feeds my soul even though my professional work is geared towards “pretty” landscape and seascape photography.

For instance, I loved this neon beer sign at one of the breweries:

Neon Beer Sign at Arts District Brewing Company

When I was a kid, my family visited Catalina Island every summer.

While we were there, I would visit the island’s arcade each evening and play skee ball.

I was DELIGHTED to find skee ball at the Arts District Brewing Company!

Skee Ball at Arts District Brewing Company

I’d be embarrassed to tell you how many tokens our group bought …

We played skee ball for AGES.

I had so much fun!

If I ever become an overnight zillionaire, I will definitely have skee ball in my mansion by the sea.

It was really hard to play skee ball because of my bum arm.

I tried rolling the ball with my left arm but I had no control over it because I’m profoundly right handed.

So, then I tried rolling it with my right arm with frequent rests.

It was quite a challenge and certainly not pain free.

I even yelped loudly a few times from pain but I was able to get through all the games.

I only won one game, but I imagine my scores will improve as I regain more function in my arm?

(Paul Newman is helping me with my skee ball soreness as you’re reading this.)

We also played Jenga at Angel City Brewery.

Jenga is much easier on a bum arm than skee ball.

Towards the end of the day, we stopped at Salt & Straw a “famous” ice cream shop (originally from Portland, Oregon) with flavors like “Honey Lavender” which is a light purple, delightfully flavored, ice cream.

Salt & Straw is unique.

There’s always a long line to purchase a scoop of ice cream because their ice cream is just plain yummy.

(I don’t even remember when the last time was I had “real” ice cream prior to this??)

The store has “runners” bring samples of the flavors (as many as you’d like) while you wait in line.

By the time you get to the front of the line, you’re ready to order and you’ve had the opportunity to try several of their very unique flavors.

I only tried one sample, but there were people in my group (ahem!) who tried LOTS.

All in all, it was a great way to spend a June-Gloom day.

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I just got back from several days in Nashville, Tennessee.

Nashville has been on my “Shoot List” for a couple years.

I had planned to go several months ago, but I was waylaid by arm surgeries.

When I was invited to a wedding taking place in Nashville, I knew it would be a perfect “excuse” to reschedule my trip.

First of all, I had FUN.

Elvis cops a feel?  (iPhone photo taken by my sister)

Nashville is a great city and I jam packed my days there with as much as I could fit in.

In addition, I had a chance to spend some time with both my brother and sister (and other family members!) while attending wedding festivities.

Me – with my older brother and older sister. (My bum arm looks bad, doesn’t it?)

Of course, I visited the Honky Tonks on Lower Broadway like every tourist should.

Honky Tonk Central

The Honky Tonks were crazy busy because the Predators were playing in the Stanley Cup finals while I was there.

(Also, Alan Jackson was performing in a free concert which was also right at Lower Broadway.)

I squeezed in time for tours of the famous Ryman Auditorium and The Grand Ole Opry House also.

The Historic Ryman Auditorium

I also walked the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge, visited Centennial Park, had lunch at (famous) Jack’s Bar-B-Que, breakfast (sweet potato pancakes) at the also famous Pancake Pantry, visited The Gulch, Music Row and much more of the city both by golf cart and lots of walking,  took photos of street art, visited/shot an old and very beautiful farm, and visited with my siblings at Tennessee Brew Works while it rained (hot rain – who knew?) outside.

Oh yes, I also attended a wedding and a rehearsal dinner.

I’m sure I’ll share more photos from this trip as I have time to get them uploaded.