A Trip To The Candy Shop

There are so many things I love about Laguna Beach.  I really do appreciate that I am lucky enough to live in such close proximity to so many beautiful areas.  Here's a photo of beautiful Laguna Beach from today (Saturday):


There are great shops in Laguna too.  One of my favorites is a store called The Candy Baron.  I, personally, have never been a big candy eater.  I get a craving for chocolate once in awhile if I have a bad case of PMS, but non-chocolate candy is not something I care for very much.  I love The Candy Baron anyway because it is so nostalgic looking.  It makes me long for a day that perhaps existed for my parents or grandparents.


While we were in Laguna, I suggested to PR that we stop into the candy store so he could pick out some candy.  Out of my three kids, PR is the biggest candy lover.  The minute he walked into the store he got so excited.  He was, well, like a kid in a candy shop.  As always, the store was so packed with customers that it was difficult to even walk through the aisles. 

PR got a basket and eagerly, but also thoughtfully, went about choosing an assortment of candy pieces.  It was a tough decision with so many choices.  I was feeling very mom-ish.  It was one of those moments when you look at your somewhat awkward teen and realize how quickly they are growing up.  At the same time, you are getting a fleeting glimpse of them as a young, excited child again.  It made me feel all warm and fuzzy watching him.  I thought we were making such a wholesome memory.

Then I saw this (taken with a cell phone so my apologies on the picture quality):


Is this what you would expect to see in a candy store flooded with so many kids that you can barely walk?  PR saw it too, and looked at me somewhat embarrassed.  He was hoping I hadn't seen it just like I was hoping he hadn't seen it.  That's the thing about teens – they truly believe their parents don't know sex exists and they try to shelter their parents from the thought of it.  Maybe I should have pretended not to see it, but instead I whipped out my cell phone to take a picture.  (Embarassing PR further I am sure!) 

Right next to the Candy G-String was this:


OK, is that even a man?  To me it looks like the same person posing for both pictures, only maybe in the Posing Pouch picture they shoved a tiny bit of tissue or something in the "pouch".  If it's a man, where's his junk?  And if that's all he has, he really shouldn't be posing for revealing pictures.  On candy boxes.  In candy stores.  Where tons and tons of little kids hang out.  I'm just sayin' …..


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