And The Winner Is?

I am assuming most of my readers are over the age of 10.  Therefore, I conclude that the majority favor David Cook over front runner David Archuleta in the American Idol face-off.  No need to tell me that you don't watch American Idol, I know you do.  Everywhere I go I hear adults from the age of 30-70 discussing it.  Something like 56 million votes were cast last week alone.  My teenagers however, barely pay attention.  It seems like the teeny boppers (pre-teens) are totally into the show.  The teenagers think they are too cool and don't watch it.  The adults I know are obsessed with it.  No kidding, we've had parents rushing away from our team's evening baseball games because they forgot to Tivo Idol. 

Let's take a look at the preordained winner:


First of all, I have never watched a season where the judges were so obviously biased from day one towards a particular contestant.  They should be ashamed!  Really.  It didn't even matter earlier in the season when Archuleta forgot his lines.  No matter what he did, even on his weakest performances, the judges did nothing but rave about him.  That in itself was a total turn-off for any viewer with the ability to think for themselves.

Sorry, I just can't like the guy.  Nothing personal of course.  Except that he reminds me of a 9 year old.  And a reptile – don't ask, I can't explain it.  I'm not saying he doesn't have a nice voice.  It's just his voice makes me … yawn.  Looking at him is difficult because he reminds me of a boy scout or something.  I know that all the 10 year old girls love him – which is exactly my point.  We don't have wholesome kids like that out here in California.  It kind of creeps me out to see one.  I picture him having a career singing in the lounge of a cruise ship.  Most likely on The Love Boat … does anyone besides me remember The Love Boat?

So yes, I'm cheering on David Cook even though I know he is a long shot.  He won't win, but I predict he has much greater commercial success just like Daughtry did.


Now, this is the one negative thing about David Cook.  It is best if you avert your eyes while he sings.  He has the most awesome, raspy, sexy voice.  It just gets kind of ruined if you look at him while you listen because the body and face don't match the voice.  However, if you CLOSE YOUR EYES while he sings and you imagine … anyone else … you can't help but fall for David Cook.  American Idol has tried to destroy him by making him sing all sorts of music genres that are not appropriate for him.  Somehow he has managed to hang in there anyway.  And Simon, if you're listening — Collective Soul was the PERFECT CHOICE for Cook's voice.  (I also loved Dream Big which was Cook's second song.)

Like most Americans, I sing like crap myself.  That never stops me though.  I l-o-v-e to sing!!  I sing in my car, I sing absolutely everywhere I go (except for some reason I never sing in the shower).  I am an obsessed music junkie and I have music of all types playing constantly.  In my delusional brain that fact alone has convinced me that I am a musical genius.  It then follows that as a musical genius, I am the best sofa-judge in the country of these AI contestants.  Clearly the world would benefit from publicizing my running commentary during next year's AI season.   


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