Sex, Drugs and Rock n' Roll

College life is pretty amusing these days.  My daughter, TR, is away at my alma mater.  Some things never change about college life like sex, drugs and rock and roll.  TR would never be involved in any vices, of course (ahem!), but they all occur at any college in the country.  (Yes, pull your head out of the sand parents!)  As a parent you send your kid off to college and hope they are a lot smarter than you were at that age.  Besides, things are a lot scarier out there now than they were "back in the day".  Obviously, like every parent out there I hope my kids stay away from drugs, etc.  (I’m stating that up front for a reason – no hate emails please!)  In spite of that, I found the following story hilarious.

TR recently got promoted to an editor position with her university newspaper.  She also still writes articles for them.  She lets me know which days her articles are getting published and I read them on line.  However, sometimes I just read the paper on line anyway to keep abreast of my former college as well as to be a little more informed about what’s going on in her surroundings.  Yesterday a headline caught my eye.  Apparently this last weekend a "joint rolling contest" took place off campus in a neighboring community.  Thirty five contestants participated.  I guess I should have been shocked or concerned, but to be honest I burst out laughing. 

I am not promoting pot smoking or any other illegal activities.  (Google Ads – do you hear me loud and clear?!)  However, the article was one of the funniest things I have read in a long time.  Apparently the publicized purpose of this event was to promote the decriminalization of marijuana smoking.  They had several musical performances going on, dance contests and NINE different joint rolling competitions.  (Nine?!)


The contest has been going on since the 70’s (no surprise about the 70’s, but that was before my time at the school!).  The contest died out during the 80’s, when I was there, and has since had a resurgence.  Judges included some local politicians (ha!).  (What politician would be so up-front about it?)  The judging criteria stated that, "The product has to look functional and smooth."  Tight joints were highly valued.  The contestants worked with "fake bud" (dried leaves from regular ol’ non-drug plants) due to legal concerns.  Prizes were provided by a local head shop.  The top prize was a fancy glass bong. 

The biggest contest of the day was in the "medicinal category" and for this one contest the contestants were allowed to use real "weed" that they provided themselves.  They were all required to have medical prescriptions for the medicinal use of marijuana, but of course – no one was checking.  The winner of this particular contest made an 8 inch joint.  After the contest was over the contestants were encouraged to dispose of their entries "however they saw fit". 

Yeah -right.   


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