Sex 101

My daughter, TR, called from college today to tell me she was frantically reading up on STDs.  Isn’t that just the phone call every parent wants to get?!  It didn’t upset me though because I knew instantly why it was so urgent.  (Well … I hope I did anyway!) 

TR is at my alma mater.  Isn’t that just so … mother-daughter-ish?  To be honest, she got rejected at her first choice of Northwestern, but we can pretend she’s at my alma mater because she wants to be just like her mom.  Nothing like having a kid go off to college to make you feel old.  Older still when they go to your college and call to talk about all the exciting stuff … that you used to do. 

Anyway, back to the urgent call regarding STDs.  A billion years ago when I was at College X they had just started a new, and daring, and at the time – controversial course called Human Sexuality.  EVERYONE wanted to take it.  Everyone thought it would be an easy ‘A’ because … hey, we were so cool – what didn’t our generation know about sex?  Maybe we would watch a sexy movie or two and walk away with an ‘A’.  I think they accepted 200 students, but there were always tons of people trying to crash the course.  Turns out the course was not so easy after all.  It was downright … scientific, and difficult, and yes, even educational. 

Now, many, many, years later TR is taking the same course.  Tomorrow is the midterm and she has 8 pages of notes to memorize just on STDs alone.  (Were there THAT many STDs back in our day?)  In a very stressed out voice she added, "And on top of that I have to know absolutely everything there is to know about childbirth!".  Ha ha — now that is pretty amusing.  Does she have any idea what I went through to bring her into this world?! 

Apparently she does.  Last week they watched in depth and up close movies on childbirth and she called me up afterwards QUITE disturbed.  Freaking out disturbed.  She informed me that there will never be any babies forthcoming from her body!  I confess, I recommended this class to TR.  It is the best birth control out there for a young college girl.  Show them films with close up shots of STDs and babies not so easily being birthed … and suddenly sex is not just about fun anymore.  No, I am not so naive as to think that it is a total deterrent … especially since she’s had the same boyfriend for three years now.  (That’s why I keep mailing up birth control pills disguised as M&Ms!)  However, I do think education is a good thing.  I am a long ways away from being ready to be a grandma.               

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