Reader's Question

I am going to answer an email I got last week from a reader.  The reader asked, "Did you really have that happen in a tanning booth?  And what do you mean by FUNKYFEET?"

I would love to answer that I am far too intelligent to have ever talked out loud to a tanning booth, but I can't.  Yes, reader it really happened!  I'm stupid that way.  

And as for FUNKYFEET …. 



4 Responses to “Reader's Question”

  1. EricaB

    I’m sure that you understand that it is 12am…I am just getting to your blog…and I think I woke my children laughing so hard!
    I’m sorry…really…there are TEARS I am so sorry. Of course, they could be from laughing so god damned hard!

  2. Margaret

    Holy Crap! LOL! I wanted to see the funky feet too, but I didn’t expect you’d actually post it.
    That’s awesome! I mean, not awesome for you, of course, but awesome for us. Oh no.. so now what? Is it supposed to eventually even out when you go back?


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