It’s Friday And That Must Mean …

Thank you for your patience with me this last week or two while I’ve been off vacationing.  I have lots of Hawaii stories to share with you, but I think I am going to wait until Monday.  I didn’t get home till 2:30 in the morning Thursday so I’m still operating in an exhausted fog.  By Monday I will be a little less flustered.  I get a little out of sorts during those first 48 hours back home after a trip.  You know, when you come home to rotten no groceries in the house, laundry piled to the roof, a stackload of bills and collection notices mail that need to be read ASAP, five hundred plus items waiting for you in your Reader, a few hundred emails, etc.  All that fun stuff. 

By the way, several of those emails informed me that my partner would really be happy if I enlarged my penis by 3 inches.  (?) 

Lately, I’ve been trying to end each week with a few pictures of Orange County.  I know I can’t do this every week because some weeks my life is just, um, boring and I will have nothing to show you.  I do enjoy the “Glimpse of Orange County” Fridays though because I figure it gives you a good feel for my environment.  Plus what can be better than ending your week with thoughts of getting outside and enjoying yourself for the upcoming weekend?

Life here is not all about beaches.  I wish it was.  I spend nearly every day out walking and oftentimes not at the beach.  I enjoy the walks, but I get bored easily so I try to change up where I walk.  I have started branching out and going to different locations for a change of scenery.  Here is one spot I walk sometimes because there is a nice, one mile, flat, path around the lake.  It is so pretty that I thought it would be great for this week’s Glimpse of Orange County. 


This lake is located in a town called Rancho Santa Margarita.  Pretty, isn’t it?  It looks like a postcard, but obviously it’s not.  I took this photo with my superb photography skills.  Ha!  I love the mountains in California nearly as much as the beach.   


These guys were swimming by in a very nicely formed line.  (Don’t you want to know WHY?)  I figure with all that effort on their part, they deserve to be shown on the blog too.

In California there are a lot of communities that have built man-made lakes to center their towns around.  I may not have walked all of them (yet), but I have walked many of them.  Yes, we have real lakes too, including one right behind my house.  However. the one behind my house is home to some pretty scary critters, especially in the summer months.  I prefer walking in the more populated areas so I don’t, you know, get eaten alive by a mountain lion. 

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