What's In A Name?

Yesterday I shared with you a true story about my high school teacher, Harry Dick.  A few of you then told me funny names of people you've known over the years.  It is always amusing to hear some of the names people have been given.  Here are a few I've either known, or heard of.

Harry Dick
Rosie Dick
Beverly Hills (my sister's friend)
Robin Hood (also my sister's friend)
Drew Gas (a classmate)

Phuc Yu (a client of a lawyer friend)
Crystal Ware
Meg A. Boner
Dick Trickle (a NASCAR driver)
Dick Burns

Dr. Harry Beaver (Ob/Gyn)
Dr. Look (optometrist)

Dusty Rhodes
Harry Johnson
Helen Back
Jay Walker
Jim Shorts

Ray Zenz (raisins)
Seymour Butz
Sue Yu
Willie Stroker

Do you know some people with funny names?  I'd love to hear them!  Leave them in the comments section and if enough are submitted, I'll publish them for everyone to see in the next week or two.


21 Responses to “What's In A Name?”

  1. jo

    Mary Dicklich
    Mona Lisa Smith
    Dick Johnson
    Paul Bonar (Middle School Principal)….OMG
    I used to keep a running list because of the number of people I’d run encounter in a day….I’ll look for it.

  2. Mr. B

    Phil McCracken College Prof.
    An english Prof at Northeastern University

  3. heather

    I went to school with a girl whose last name was Imhoff. Her Dad’s name was Jack.
    Jack Imhoff.

  4. Bev

    My college roommate had a friend named: Rusty Nail
    I went to college with:
    Bunny Hare and her brother (I kid not): Rabbit Hare (he was a photographer for the Tulsa World for a while).

  5. Donna in VA

    Well now that you mention it. My son had an opthamologist named Dr. Wry when pronounced sounds exactly like Dr. Eye.
    I also have a friend who is a retired police detective named Dick Black. In the phone book, I can only guess it would be Black, Dick. Why would a mother do that to their child?

  6. Dawn

    When I was a student at the Univeristy of Georgia (Go Dawgs!), I worked at Blue Cross Blue Shield and came across the name of a neurosurgeon in town. . .
    Happy Dicks.
    When I read your story yesterday, I kept thinking about him. His real name is Robert, but he was known by all by his nickname of Happy. True story that you can actually read online: http://www.onlineathens.com/stories/031803/dog_20030318043.shtml

  7. Angela

    My uncle is a doctor, and his last name is Payne — therefore: “Dr. Payne.”
    Also, there was a teacher in my elementary school named “Mrs. Butts.” Poor woman.

  8. Margaret

    Local musician friend of a friend: Kane Furie
    My Doctor who on my first visit I saw for a lingering cough: Dr. Hacker.
    My allergist who had me pricked with hundreds of allergy testing pins: Dr. Au

  9. Momo Fali

    I went to school with a guy named Dick Dick. Why he didn’t go by Richard, I’ll never know.

  10. Janie

    I did payroll many years ago for a company in Utah and there was a “Candy Barr” on payroll.
    Ima Pigg (a real woman around here)
    Clay Money (State Farm Agent)

  11. Nana Diaries

    My kids went to school with a girl named Dusty Broom. My husband’s colleague named his son Justin Case. Geez.

  12. Shannon River

    Well, let’s see. I had a professor named Dick Chase. (Why don’t these people go by Rick?)
    I knew a Brandy Wine. And a John Wacker.
    And my dad worked with the military and knew a guy with the last name Butts… and he was a Major.
    That’s all I can think of at the moment. 🙂

  13. Nothing Fancy

    LOL! Thanks for the good laugh! My favorites are always Johnny Johnson, Tommy Thompson, Richard Richards, etc. Seriously, their parents were just so darn creative. Gee…I can’t think of a name for my kid, so I’ll just use our last name. Duh!

  14. Shannon River

    BTW, I cannot help but add another name. It’s a business, which is another tangent, but I saw a “Beaver Liquors” store.
    OH. And for awhile there was a guy in the local news named Brent J. Brents.

  15. Kate

    Okay the one that comes immediately to mind is Mike Hunt.
    Say it a few times.
    Once in school, we used to have to sign our books – so in Grade l2, my Economics book said
    ”Harris Johannis Franciscus
    Cornelius Van Drakas, Van Bilson
    the lll”.
    I know it’s off the Dick Lickers,
    but more important to me is that I never found him in Grade xlll-
    and I always wondered about how
    I’ve remembered it 30 years later,
    but apparently Harris and Economics had a bigger impact on me.
    new reader


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