Girl's Night Out

Before I get into today's post, I wanted to cover a few housekeeping topics.  

First of all, thank you for all the comments and emails lately.  I love how interactive this site is becoming and I love getting to know all of you through your input.  The Torturer has been laid up for a few days.  (He's fine – no worries!)  He will be torturing me today, but I won't be interviewing him until tomorrow.  He has requested lots of alcohol for the interview process.  I will post the interview either on Wednesday or Thursday of this week depending on how long it takes to completely rewrite compile his responses.

Secondly, several of you have given me awards and/or tagged me with memes over the last few months.  I am so honored to be thought of and I love you.  I am also a total flake when it comes to both awards and memes and I am hopelessly behind.  In fact, I'm so far behind in posting about them I am embarrassed to post any now because I'm afraid I will forget one, offend someone, etc.  I appreciate it so much every time you honor me or this website in any manner.  Thank you and please forgive me for my flakiness in this area of blogging.  At some point I will either get caught up or completely give up.

Finally, I have a lot going on right now on the legal front.  My trial date is looming about one week in front of me.  It is occupying an inordinate amount of my time and stressing me out.  I am very behind on responding to emails and on visiting the blogs of many friends.  I hope to be caught up soon.  There just haven't been enough hours in each day to get everything done that I'd like to. 

OK, so now you've heard all my excuses and blah, blah, blah disclaimers.  Are you still there?  Or have you fallen asleep?

My friend Nike has a new job.  She is working in a fabulous, cute, amazing, little furniture boutique a couple days each week.  This is incredibly lucky for me.  Remember last week when I mentioned my half finished house?  Well, Nike apparently has been mentally picking out pieces of furniture she feels would be "perfect" for my house while she's working.  I stopped into her shop to visit her on Friday and walked out with a much needed coffee room table for my living room.  How did that happen?  Now I can scratch one item off my house to-do list.

There's a fun restaurant near Nike's shop and we agreed to meet there for a glass of wine once she got off work.  We enjoy going to this particular restaurant because they have a large outdoor porch and it is a fun, casual place to hang out on warm evenings.  (We still have hot weather here.)  Nike showed up with three friends who also work in the same boutique.  As it turns out, they are wonderful, warm, real women.  You know, as opposed to fake, superficial, plastic women which are a dime a dozen around here.

I arrived sporting a little cleavage and Nike commented she was surprised because she doesn't see "them, I mean it" very often from me.  (T-shirts don't show a lot of cleavage now do they?)  

I had so much fun meeting Nike's friends.  Nike ordered a  glass  bottle  couple bottles of wine.  We sat outdoors in the warm air with a nice, balmy, breeze blowing while we drank our wine.  It's a bit of a blur but one of the ladies made an array of appetizers appear somewhere along the line.  (Have I told you I get drunk if I have more than one glass?!) 

Nike told my new friends about Twenty Four at Heart and they began sharing funny Orange County stories with me.  These women were a kick.  They had me in stitches with accounts of Swingers and Stepford Wives.  I can't wait to hear more of their great stories.  We even talked about trying to infiltrate the Money Town Swingers group just long enough to get a few photos for blogging purposes.  If we do?  Those pictures would be of fully dressed Swingers and we would not stay long enough to see otherwise.  Just in case you're wondering …

By the way, if I do go undercover and all of a sudden go missing?  Tell the police to "wear white" and show up at local bars to find me.  That's how the Swingers identify each other in the bars.  It's called "Wear White Thursday."  Creative people, aren't they?

Eventually the evening ended.  Nike and I needed a little alone time to get caught up so we made one more stop on our way home.  We went to a bar just outside of Money Town for one more (ugh!) glass of wine.  Can we all stop and spell h-a-n-g-o-v-e-r?

By this time the bar-flies were out in full force.  Nike and I were buzzed enough to whip out my camera.  We wanted to capture our favorite female and favorite male at the bar.  Everyone was drunk enough to not even notice the flash going off.

This cougar woman won our award for best ho outfit of the night.  We got the impression she was out on the hunt for some serious action.  And yes, those are diamonds around her ankle.  This is, after all, Money Town.


In contrast, there was a man at the bar who was a stunning example of Money Town trash.  He was out on the hunt too.  He thought this classy t-shirt would help him get lucky with the Money Town ladies.


What do you think ladies?  Doesn't that just make you want to go home with him?  It just gets me hot when guys dress like that.  He might be a multi-millionaire.  Money, however, can't buy class.  Really, who buys this shirt?  And then wears it out to bars to pick up on women?

Nike was trying to take his picture without him noticing.  She decided she would "pretend" to be taking mine and really focus on him.  The problem is Nike was a little drunk.  When I got home and wanted to see the pictures of Mr. Classy, instead I found several shots like this one.


And now you know what a slightly drunk Twenty Four At Heart looks like.

19 Responses to “Girl's Night Out”

  1. EricaB

    It is always wonderful when you can find women that you really enjoy hanging out with…we all need girl time.
    Now about Hunky Money Town Man…now he is hot stuff 🙂

  2. Linda

    Money Towne pictures are worth a thousand words! OMG! Thanks for the Monday Morning Laugh!

  3. alntv

    HAHAHAHAHA! You drunk lady, you! And a picture of you! Finally we get to see the elusive Twenty-Four At Heart!
    Looking all of 26…I might add…
    Hey…I don’t have me one of those classy t-shirts that your stud boy was wearing, but I’m gonna have to get one now! HA!

  4. Heather

    The funny thing is, you look NOTHING like a marshmallow. Send me The Torturer’s phone number cuz I need to call that guy. He must be blind. Marshmallow?????

  5. Lo

    haha! o my goodness. okay, who wears a diamond tennis bracelet.. on their ankle?? and with ankle-strap heels no less? my god they need fashion advice bc w/all that money, i swear, that looks like she raided wet seal for clothes her daughter shouldn’t even wear. phew. that one made me cringe.
    and also wow you have nice teeth!! haha that is so weird to compliment someone on their teeth but yer teeth are fo sho super nice. heh.
    (and you do look tipsy. hehe.)

  6. Helena

    Wear White Thursday… very crafty! I’d be afraid of wearing white on any day now. What if they change week-day?
    Now those photos… that woman has got it completely wrong with the diamond anklet above the shoe-strap. No style, sorry. As for the man… no, I wouldn’t look twice at someone wearing a t-shirt like that.. loaded or not.
    You have great teeth! I saw someone else commenting the same. You really do.

  7. emmysuh

    Hah! We try the “I’m taking a picture of you but really of someone behind you!” trick ALL THE TIME! It never works our well, even when you’re sober.
    And that ho outfit of the night? Well, it’s a little revealing perhaps but it’s no where near as bad as what I see around town here. But then again Cleavage Flaunting is a sport when you’re in college. Come out to the bars with me and we’ll get you some good stuff. Some of it may be me and My Girls, but I can’t help that.

  8. goodfather

    L…O…L!! In Seattle, the color is plaid. I made the mistake of going to a bar in my favorite plaid shirt, and I couldn’t figure out why all these guys were coming up to me and say, “My wife and I are free this Saturday…”
    I’m glad you had a good night out – you deserve to have a little fun!

  9. Missy

    I agree..great teeth! I will also think twice about wearing all white and if I do I will have a laugh about the source.

  10. Kristan Hoffman

    Hey, you! Lookin’ cute. 🙂
    I have to admit, the cougar’s shoes are cute.
    The guy, um, not so much… Are there any hot guys in Money Town??

  11. Mike

    I agree. Nice teeth, nice smile. And I think you should have showed us that cleavage too.
    Mr. Classy looks like a real winner.

  12. thistle

    ok…so white in california and plaid??! in seattle (which is pretty hysterical when you start thinking about it)LOL…now i’m going to be checking for theme wear every time i go out to the bar…
    and i agree, you do look waaayy younger than your stated age…do we need to check your id miss?…

  13. Lori

    Sounds like a great time! I love girl nights…don’t get them very often but when I do, I have so much fun! Love the pictures…too funny!

  14. SSG

    Haha sounds like a fun night! thanks for your emails back, I know you’re busy though so don’t worry if you don’t have time to reply! and nice photo too, those nights are the best that creep out of not much into one hell of a night!

  15. Trish

    Meow at the *cough* classy cougar…yuk!! Your picture is too cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog last week when I was the featured blogger, I am STILL trying to catch up on all the comments 🙂


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