Look What's Hip

Fall is here.  Well, maybe not officially, but for all intents and purposes.  We're still hitting temperatures in the 80's and 90's here in Orange County.  I'm living in shorts and flip flops and probably will continue to do so for quite awhile.

I love this time of year.  There are moments when I wish I lived in a climate that would allow me to wear thick, cozy, sweaters and feel brisk air on my cheeks.  Then I come to my senses, head to the beach in my t-shirt, and thank God that I rarely have to endure a temperature below 72 degrees.  I hate to be cold.  Truly.  If I ever get transplanted to Chicago or somewhere like that, I think I'll die of exposure to the elements.  I don't even know how to dress, or live, or survive, in cold weather.

My boys are in school, and TR is on her return trip to college.  When she arrived home from her summer partying studying at Cambridge University in England, she was full of fashion news.  TR spent a lot of time visiting other countries during her nine weeks abroad.  Being a lot more girly than her mom, she noticed the fashions in Paris, Prague, Dublin, Barcelona and everywhere else she went.  She came back reporting, "ruffles, bows, frilly stuff!"  Sure enough, as we were out in the stores getting her a few things for college, I saw a lot of "frilly" in California department stores.

I wasn't buying it, but I was seeing it.

(Male readers?  You might be bored today.  On the other hand, you might use this post for ideas on gifts for the females in your life.)

The Victorian look is back.  Because it was so flattering the first time around back in the 1800's?

White shirt front

Who, exactly, would look good in something like this?  I'd have to strap my boobs down with tape to try and keep the buttons from popping off.  That is not a very comfortable proposition.  Can we all stop and say "hideous" to the Victorian idea?  Ladies, if you do buy something like this, make sure you buy a  corset to wear underneath.  Never forget a corset if you are wearing Victorian.  (And duct tape to flatten out your boobs.) 

Blouses with large, horrendous, bows at the collar are also in style. 


Now that's an attractive look.  I've always wanted to walk around looking like an ugly, discarded, birthday present.  Doesn't the bow just yell, "Three year old!?"  

Of course, if you want sexy you can always wear the other Fall Trend, the sheer see-through blouse.  It's another practical item I'm sure we all want in our closet.  Just make sure you have a sexy bra on underneath because the blouses are completely transparent.  I was going to post a picture of one, but?  There's nothing to SEE. 

For the bottom half of our bodies, the flared mini-skirt is back.


Wouldn't that look great with a Victorian blouse? 

Now, I know you're a little skeptical.  Most of my readers don't live in Southern California.  You're wondering how you can possibly keep warm in your transparent blouse and flared mini-skirt, aren't you?  Well, it will be no problem.  Just throw on your pastel colored coat as you head out the door.


We all want to look like a ghastly Easter egg in the middle of winter, don't we?  And think about the dramatic effect when you remove your pastel coat to reveal your flared mini-skirt and abominable big-bow-blouse.

Big-bow-blouse.  Try saying that five times fast.

Let's move on to your feet.  Boots are in. 


This is a Jessica Simpson boot that just came out.  Isn't it … unique?  It would go so well with a pink pastel coat.

The other big trend in boots is the fringed boot.


This is a Betsey Johnson boot.  How nice would that look with your flared mini-skirt?

I was going to move on to lingerie, but I think I'll save that for another day.  A person can only handle so much high fashion at one time.  Even a fashionista like myself. 

14 Responses to “Look What's Hip”

  1. faith

    first visit to your blog.
    love those photos, Oh and that flared skirt. i mean , who would, or could?
    I had to ask, how do you write with those strike-throughs? I have been bugging everyone to find out but it must be top-secret.

  2. Lynn K.

    Those are some ugly fashions you got out there. Yuk. Here in Pennsylvania we are a good 2 years behind on fashion trends. So when that lovely victorian blouse makes it’s way out here, I’ll forget I thought it was ugly and probably own a couple. I know I’ll need a corset.

  3. Gina

    you totally picked the ugliest items from each of the trends, some stuff that is victorian inspired can actually be cute…. i agree about the big horrendous bows though!! haha although i do like smaller bows and ruffles, but what can i say im a bit of a girly girl myself

  4. mama llama

    I think I will stick with my Levis, Gap T-shirts and flip flops, thank you very much.
    Although I will admit to breaking into savings to buy Clark’s of England flip-flops–my aging feet hurt too badly to not have cushioning and support! So in that vein, England has my vote.
    Be well.

  5. Emmy

    Well, that frilly blouse you posted isn’t the best example but others I’ve seen I really like. I do love those pastel coats and the tie shirt, the other things not so much. Some of the little booties that are “in” are cute but I hate the new fringe trend. Fringe is disgusting.

  6. Sugee

    That was a funny post. Man, those fashions are gawd-awful. I HATE huge bows all about the face or lower back. WTH is up with that! It’s SO not size proportionate. Those Jessica Simpson boots? Looks like they are trying to mix ’80’s with the now, but it really just looks like strange legwarmers around a sexy heel. Oh gosh. And moccasin/high heels? At this rate anything is “fashion” I guess 🙂

  7. goodfather

    Yeah, I hate being cold too. I should move to the O.C.! It’s too cold where I live. All the frakin’ time.
    Thanks for the beautiful pictures of fashionable clothing items of various descriptions. I was NOT bored… 😀

  8. sometimessophia

    The pastel coats look so retro. I had a haircut like the blonde…. it went with my pale blue coat back in the seventies. Yuck… is all I can say now. I think you got the discarded present part right, too. I’ll stick to tees, chinos, and camp shorts, please.

  9. thistle

    Oh my…as much as i love vintage stuff…i just couldn’t/wouldn’t want any of these…It’s a little bit of everthing, 80’s frills and cowly bowy neckthings…legwarmers and heels, 70’s fringes, and 60’s twiggy type coats…ok..maybe i could live with the fringe boot things, but the rest? not so much

  10. elizabeth

    are they bringing the late 70’s/early 80’s back or something? that ruffledy white blouse reminds me of the gunne sax dresses that were so popular back in the 70’s. guess we should just save everything in our closets forever and wait until they come back in style.


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