I'm Complicated?

After months and months of talking to myself, all of a sudden I'm receiving a lot of feedback (in many forms) on Twenty Four At Heart.  To be honest, it's a little confusing. Somebody likes this, somebody's offended by that, and everyone is interested in reading about sex but a lot of people don't want to admit it.

Ok people, I know you like reading about sex because my readership numbers go way up when the topic is sex.

I felt I needed a post today just to clear the air on a few things.  Yesterday I walked into PT and the minute The Torturer saw me he burst out laughing.  Huge belly laughs he could not contain.

"What?" I asked.  (Rolling my eyes, of course!)

"Dinosaur appendage," he said as he almost fell to the floor laughing.

Then he added, "And who talks about sex toys one day and computers the next?" and then he burst out laughing again.

I do.

Obviously, I do.

This blogging world is a strange one and I'm very new to it.  I love to write.  I always have.  I love the people I've met through blogging.  And yes, I even love the fact that a few publishers and marketing companies are hanging around lately to see what I'll do next.  (Actually, I think they just left – I just heard a door slam!)

Of course, even I don't know what I'll do next.  

This is really me that I share with you here each day.  There are no pretenses.  I'm interested in sex toys.  I'm also interested in computers. I have a lot of varied interests, many of which will probably make their way into posts sooner or later.  It's also true that I was in a bad car accident and have gone through a horrific couple years as a result.  I wouldn't make up stuff like that.  No, I don't share a lot of details about my kids or my husband but that's out of respect for their privacy.

A week ago a total stranger stopped me to tell me she'd made my recipe for pumpkin cookies the prior weekend.  She loved them and thanked me for sharing the recipe.  I walked around in a daze afterwards because I was so surprised by the whole encounter. I still don't know how she knew I was Twenty Four at Heart.  

This week I discovered an old friend "found" my blog unbeknownst to me. She was highly offended by the content, but it didn't escape my notice that she apparently continues to read on a regular basis.  Her reaction seems to be, "Oh my God, how can you admit to liking sex on the Internet!  The things you talk about!"  My encounter with her left me feeling awkward too.  Her blatant disapproval stuck with me for hours.

She has kids.  She must have had sex too once upon a time.  (?)

I've gotten emails that people are offended by my recent post inquiring about where to buy a sex toy.  Other people have left emails and/or comments requesting a blog post once I receive my sex toy gift basket on what it contains.  They want to know what toys will be in the basket. Would I consider pictures (of the toys, not of me playing with them)? By the way, that post got an amazing number of hits.  A lot of people were really interested in the comments section so I've got to assume readers were wondering where to find a great sex toy too.

What I do know, however, is that overall the feedback has been positive. This blog has taken on a life of it's own with the greatest group of readers imaginable.  I can't change who I am.  I can't change the life I've had or the fact I'm still struggling with my accident recovery.  When you come here to visit you will get an honest look at me and my life as it is that day. You may not approve; you may occasionally be offended, but this is who I am.  

I accept your feedback, both positive and negative as long as it's given respectfully.  In turn, I ask that you respect the fact that this blog is an honest and open glimpse of who I am.

I am … Twenty Four At Heart.

27 Responses to “I'm Complicated?”

  1. tonya cinnamon

    you know this my feeling.. its your blog write what ever tweaks your pannties and so forth 🙂
    i love reading what ever you write sex toys.. come on thats so vanilla and most people are like gasp..
    do you know a lot of people think a sex toy is just a dildoe.. its true.. :0
    sex shops will actully take you and eduacate you on a lot of stuff .
    you be surprised women who have lost their husbands or going through a divorce have no knowledge of anything sexual in nature. so its not all bad.
    and im not harping on anyone or anything :)just stating my thing
    ..lol i myself like to learn whether sexual toys, computers, the weather you name it. i like your blog and it draws me to read it everyday 🙂

  2. Tricia

    People can get so cranky, can’t they. Keep doing what your doing and if people are offended or don’t appreciate the glimpse, they can simply move on. It’s tougher when someone in “real life” takes it to heart though. I’ve had many family squabbles over my blog.

  3. Janine

    Don’t let the haters get you down. This is your little slice of the internet, talk about whatever you want. Hurmph!

  4. Joanne

    Honey, I am sure the vast majority of your readers love you and return because you have the COURAGE to be wholly, unashamedly WHO YOU ARE! Those who throw stones via internet are tiny frightened mice, and are to afraid of raising anyones eybrow (or God forbid- looking undignified!) to actually get out and LIVE. Perhaps that is why Torturer is harder on you (no pun!) Because you are a girl who will get the very last drop of living out of your time here. I mean who would want to go to the worlds biggest mall and only go to one store??? Not us! we want to see, hear, taste, go and do EVERYTHING!

  5. Di

    Hey Twenty Four…. the longer you are here in the blogging world or simply on the internet, you will find that the easier it gets sometimes to say what you think….As far as offending a family member, well, that can be tricky. You can always start a 2nd blog with complete anonymity… there are always ways to protect your family’s hearts.
    People with only one thing of interest become boring when it comes to blogging. Varied interests is a healthy mindset…. Sex one day, computers the next…. what’s not to like?

  6. Jan

    You KNOW I love you! Of course, it helps that I can’t be offended. (In fact, I think I’ve offended a few of your readers with a couple of my comments, so hey – we’re doing good here!)
    Be who you are. Let your blog be what it is. If people are REALLY offended, let them go read a Christian-oriented blog – there are plenty out there that are poignant and quite funny. No one is holding a gun to anyone’s head and MAKING them come here.
    Well, except maybe me, but that’s not YOUR fault.

  7. Lori

    All the things you listed here is why I love reading you and what keeps me coming here every morning and most likely later to read the comments because there so much fun too. You are open and honest and real. You have a great blog and you write about what is going on with you and your life…of course your going to write about sex one day and as someone who loves sex and is not ashamed to admit it, I love that you write about it. Quite obviously so do others. People that have a problem with it are just up tight people that need to lighten up and get real. I mean who in the hell doesn’t like sex? People that claim to be offended don’t have to read it, they can do what I do when I come across something that offends or doesn’t interest me…it’s called clicking the little x up in the corner.
    And the fact that you write about computors the next day…that’s interesting too. I hope to god that people have more than one interest.
    You have a great thing going here…I surely hope you don’t change! You rock!

  8. CourtneyRyan

    The best advice I ever heard from my grandmother was, “Don’t listen to the Haters. You can do everything right in life and someone will try and knock you down. Just be you. You’re marvelous!”
    Of course she’s 86 years young, will tell you if you ask how she is that she’s “Bold and Sassy”, and a totally cool lady. No, I’m not sure where she got the term “Haters”.
    I think her quote directly applies. You’re marvelous. Just be you!

  9. Linda

    “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind.” Dr. Seuss

  10. Kristan

    I agree with everyone so far that says you rock and should stay just the way you are. I’ve only been reading you for a few weeks now, and we have little in common (on the surface, at least) but I “fell in love” with you instantly, and I think that says a lot. So don’t let those who partake of the Hatorade get you down. There’s way more of us who dig what you’ve got to say.
    (Also, in a way, isn’t hate mail better than spam mail? Last night I was thinking I’d prefer the former to the latter, but maybe I’m wrong?)

  11. Helena

    The best thing about blogging is that you can write about whatever you feel like on that particular day.
    I must say my favourites of your posts are the ones about the over-the-top people in Money Town.

  12. goodfather

    I LOVE YOU!!! There, I said it. I don’t care anymore. I’m tired of hiding. I know it’s possible that people (not you) will misconstrue what I’m saying, and think I mean this in a stalky and/or creepy and/or WRONG kind of way, but the fact is that you AND your blog ROCK. Every. Single. Day. Even on weekends, when you don’t post.
    And to those of you that are offended by the notion of sex toys, or the discussion of said sex toys, or wonder how 24 can talk about sex toys one day, and then computers the next, let me say this:
    There are now sex toys that you can control WITH YOUR COMPUTER.

  13. missy

    Ditto to all the previous comments. It’s so fun to see all the new names in the comment section, too. Maybe you should do a post on sex toys controled with a computer – the best of both worlds!

  14. phhhst

    Apparently this whole teaching gig is getting in the way of my blog reading. Seems I missed the sex toy bruhaha. ANd I have to leave for work in, like 15 minutes and I am sitting here reading you in my pj’s eating my oatmeal. TMI? Sorry. so I’ll hurry up and jump on the bandwagon. Love your blog and keep up the good work.

  15. Lo

    dude. you HAVE to post pictures of the sex basket!!! don’t dish it if you can’t take it, man!!!
    seriously. and obviously i’m not offended by you.
    and DUDE!!! we’re totally the same age!!! how awesome is THAT?? :):)
    seriously tho? you start to censor this blog, i will say BAD 24. BAD. then i’ll fly to socal and gang up on you w/torturer.
    bc you? are frickin hilarious, girl. i love ya.

  16. Sandra

    I look forward to your posts each day. I’d like to remind people that you didn’t invite them to YOUR blog. If they don’t like what they see they can simply not visit.

  17. Rebeckah

    You make me laugh. I didn’t read your sex toy post, but I should go find it right now : ).
    Just be you, and God bless everyone else. Some people are SO crazy : )!

  18. Christine

    It always irks me when I see negative comments or see that a blogger has received emails from someone who has been offended by a post. It’s not their blog, and nobody forced them to read it. Write what you want! And who cares if it’s sex one day, computers the next. It’s great for people like me who have short attention spans 😉

  19. steenky bee

    I’m offended that you don’t write about sex toys more often. Also, write for you. You should be your audience. I write for the future me. When I write for someone else, it never works. Remember, for every person who is offended by a dildo, there are ten who aren’t. I’ll call all my friends, they love dildos.

  20. Jason

    That’s right! You should “speak your mind and say what you feel, for the ones who matter don’t mind, and the ones who mind don’t matter!” (quote by my very favorite Ted Geisel)
    And the ones who mind should just click that little “x” in the upper right hand corner and go away!

  21. thistle

    huh…to each his own…and Jan is right, there are a multitude of religious blogs out there, some of which i find offensive…maybe i should start leaving negative comments on the more sanctimonious ones to balance out the universe instead of just skipping past them when i’m blog-surfing…
    No?..oh right…i do have better things to do with my time…
    and i’ve never noticed negative comments on any of your posts…do you delete them?…maybe you should leave them up, on political blogs usually the rest of the commenters turn on the haters like a pack of dogs…uh…i mean straighten the turds out PDQ…altho not everyone has the stomach for that kind of mayhem…

  22. ballerinatoes

    Yay for Twenty-four at Heart! Boo to Haters! And – we all need to be Twenty-four at Heart, thank you for reminding us of that! XOXO.

  23. alntv

    Rock on 24! And can’t wait to hear about your “Toy Basket” experience! I’m sure THAT will make for an interesting post! 🙂


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