I'm Old, You Win!

Yesterday I finally had my real 24th (?) birthday so now I'm old.  First things first, I want to announce the eight winners from last week's contests.  A huge thank you to everyone who participated.  I have downloaded a ton of music, and I have enough reading suggestions to keep me busy for quite while. 

Your comments were great.  Some of you begged, "Pick me, pick me!" and some of you asked if I could rig the contests so you could win.  The truth is, every time I read a comment I'd think, "Oh, I hope they win!"  I will have to keep having more contests just so more of you get an opportunity to be winners.  I used a software program to randomly pick all the winners so that I wouldn't be held responsible.  The winners are as follows:

$25 iTunes Card  Wendy for Voodoo Cowboy

$25 iTunes Card  Buckethead for Beyonce  

$30 Starbucks Card  Goodfather for Germany   

$30 Starbucks Card  Jennster for Disneyland

$40 Target Card  Mama Llama

$40 Target Card  Heather

$50 Amazon Card  Shaunna for The House of the Spirits

$50 Amazon Card  Kristan Hoffman (with a whole list of books)

Congratulations to all of you!!  Please email me at TwentyFourAtHeart@yahoo.com with your mailing address.  I will get all gift cards sent out within 24 hours of receiving your information. 

Amazon winners, I will have your certificates sent to you by email so please confirm for me your correct email address.

Many thanks to everyone who participated.  Congratulations again to all eight winners!

9 Responses to “I'm Old, You Win!”

  1. goodfather

    Wowie wow wow! Thank you!! I am so stoked to get a Starbucks card. I’m sending you my mailing address…
    Thanks again. And Happy Birthday! 24 is really not old at all. Just wait until you hit 44 like me. THAT’S old. Heh. 😉

  2. Sugee

    Happy Birthday to you!! You’re very generous! Congrats to all the winners! 🙂

  3. MadWoman

    I might just have to sulk for about 5 minutes because I didn’t win….
    Congrats to all the winners! I have a HUGE list of books now.

  4. shaunna

    thank you so much! hope your birthday was all you hoped it would be (and your generosity to others), and the coming year is filled with the best of all good things!


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