Damn It's Cold!

I wasn't going to post anything today, but then I drove by this.


It's freeeeeeeeeezing cold in Orange County this week!  Look how beautiful it is though! The lake, the palm trees, the snow on the mountains in the background … it almost makes the cold worthwhile.  It was in the high 50's (F) yesterday, but had dropped into the 30's the night previous.


It's rare to see snow on these mountains.  They don't have the elevation of the much taller L.A. mountain ranges.  It won't last long, but it sure is pretty to look at! 

25 Responses to “Damn It's Cold!”

  1. alntv

    How sad…dropping into the 30’s?!?! Oh no! Whetever will the people of the OC do??? Maybe toughen up? Considering the east coast has been pummeled with snow and freezing temps? LOL
    Pretty pictures though! πŸ™‚

  2. Debrabby

    In the continental US I think our weather is the warmest right now. We’re going up into the 80’s today…so much for a cool Christmas. Still thinking good thoughts for you!

  3. Di

    We have fog and will be windy this evening. I’m still singing ‘let it snow’ every day. It’s sort of my version of a rain dance….lol

  4. Linda

    Those are some beautiful pictures!
    54 this morning in my OC, SC. (Oconee County, South Carolina) Went out barefoot when I took the dog out this morning.

  5. NGS

    Freezing means below 32. Just so you know! (Those of us praying for the thermometer to creep up past 0 know these things!)

  6. Stepping Thru

    I just caught up on your last 5 posts and will just comment here. First, I keep you in my prayers for your breast biopsy and every day I go to PT I think about you and say a little prayer for you. Second, so it’s cold in OC…..so what! No, just kidding. When we go to Chicago in the spring or fall I feel like I am freezing and my daughter thinks that is so funny because they think it’s wonderful. It’s just what we are accustomed to. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and that the tests all come back negative.

  7. Sarah

    Oh can I come live at your house! I want warm weather! I’ll take 50 degrees over my Midwestern winters! Ughhh. Have a greast weekend! ; )

  8. Sandra

    That’s gorgeous.
    I have a picture of my oldest daughter when she was 3 yrs old in Lake Tahoe over July 4th weekend. We were at Squaw Valley up on their upper elevation deck(8200 feet) where they have their pools, ice/roller rink, etc. She’s in a bathing suit with snow behind her. It was 70 degrees with snow but it all hadn’t melted yet. I have the pic at my work and people ask “is that snow behind her while she’s in a swim suit??”. haha

  9. EricaB

    I am sure you are getting tired of hearing this…
    I AM FREEZING – LITERALLY. Our temps have been below 30 every night for the past two months. And we are bracing for yet ANOTHER storm…
    But I am sure it is tough for you πŸ™‚

  10. goodfather

    Beautiful pics. I tried to keep the cold from seeping down to where you live, but my cold-catcher broke. πŸ˜‰

  11. PAPA

    Damn, girl.
    Nice shots! And you’re right. Cold as a mother here, but the views have been amazing!!!

  12. Heather

    Wow those photos are gorgeous. I forget that some people live in places like that all the time and don’t have to vacation there.

  13. Lo

    girl, you HAVE to have some snowboarding gear to put on in this weather. seriously. i know burton ain’t a foreign word in your world πŸ˜‰ bundle up!!! stay inside!! welcome to my life!! πŸ™‚

  14. sometimessophia

    The photo with the reflections in the water is absolutely stunning. Gorgeous! It’s funny to hear you complain about 50ΒΊ… or even 30ΒΊ.
    It was 7ΒΊ when I woke up yesterday, so 30ΒΊ sounds absolutely balmy.

  15. vodkamom

    freezing? FREEZING. I might have to tell you to kiss my ass right now. In our 10 degree weather.

  16. thistle

    stupid palm trees…
    seriously…i keep going out in my flip flops to let the dogs off the back deck, and they keep kicking snow on my feet…what the hell!…and…i just realized i should go out and see if my car starts, so i can have a plan B in place for getting to work tomorrow if needed…


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