Doesn't Everyone Sleep With Their Shoes On?

So many blog-worthy things have been happening lately.  In upcoming days I'll update you on The Torturer and his cult of women stalkers groupies.  Also, I have a story about a Money Town man I encountered this week.  Hmmm … there's also a few gossipy tidbits about one of the Real Housewives.  I don't know if you'd be interested in that?

In any case, today I want to tell you about this picture.


Yes, that's my foot.  It's Super Glued right into a pair of my favorite sandals.

Oh, yes it is!

The situation is very understandable once you hear what happened.

I absolutely love these sandals.  I've had them for three years, I think.  I wear them more than any other pair of shoes (almost daily!) because I can just slip into them and go.  They have a low, but kind of sexy heal.  What you see in the picture is really all there is to them.  They are soooo comfortable.  The heels wore completely off of them once.  I took them to a shoe repair shop immediately because I can't bear to be without these shoes.

The other thing I love about these sandals is they are perfect for PT.  If I have to get down on a mat for floor exercises I can just kick them off into a corner in two seconds flat. Then I can slip right back into them until I have to kick them off for some other torture machine.  If I'm frustrated with The Torturer I can easily throw these shoes at him with just my left arm.  Easy, comfortable, lightweight enough to throw, what else could a girl possibly want?

So, it was much to my dismay and horror when I realized two days ago that some of the rhinestones were falling off.  Now, there's no question these shoes are long past overdue for the trash, but noooooooooo!  I couldn't bear the thought.  The rhinestones are sewn together in a strand so it wasn't as if one stone fell off.  No, an entire slew of them dangled off.

I suppose I could have taken them back into the same shoe repair shop I'd been to before.

Instead, the next time I was out running errands I picked up a bottle of Super Glue.  Then yesterday, I was waiting around the house for various repair and delivery men.  The men weren't showing up (of course not!) so I decided to work on repairing my shoe while I waited.  

I had no sooner put a big glob of super glue on my shoe when the doorbell rang.  Without thinking (obviously!) I slipped my foot into my shoe and ran to answer the door.  

Just for the record, I was fully clothed at the time.

The next few hours were chaotic.  Two men were at work in my family room attempting to mount our TV to the wall.  (FAIL!  They have to come back sometime soon with a different type of mount.)  At the same time they were working and chatting my ears off, the doorbell rang again.  Two more men showed up to deliver some furniture I've been waiting on for my dining room.  One of the pieces (a buffet) is large and heavy.  They wanted my help telling them where to position it.

I ran back and forth between our dining room and our family room until eventually all the men left.  Then I jumped into my car to run some errands.  I drive barefoot most of the time.  I kicked off my shoes.  Only one shoe came off.  Puzzled I glanced down at my foot as I tried, again, to kick off my sandal.  Then, suddenly, I realized my shoe was glued to my foot.

Fast forward about nine hours.  I was having visions of sleeping with one sandal on.  I wondered how hard the ER nurses would laugh if I showed up at the hospital requesting removal of a sandal.  Or perhaps it would be a better idea to call the fire department?  Firemen are always cute and they deal with all sorts of oddities every day.  Maybe I could get one of them to give me a foot massage remove my shoe from my foot?

Can you picture that call?


"I need help!"

"What's wrong ma'am?"

"I glued my foot into my shoe!"

I thought about soaking my foot in water, but the water would ruin my favorite sandals.  

Do you know there's a warning on the Super Glue bottle?  It says it's important to avoid contact with skin.

I tried prying my sandal off with a can opener.  Oh, stop laughing …!  I poked a pencil and a paperclip along the edge trying to loosen the glue.  In fact, I think I tried using just about everything imaginable to get that shoe off.  (The handle of a spoon, a nail file, an old memory card from my camera, etc., etc.)

Finally!  Finally, I got it off, but not in a manner I would recommend to anyone.  I used an exacto knife (basically a razor blade) to cut my sandal off.  The glue was thick enough that I was able to run the knife along the edge of my shoe strap (without cutting the shoe) and remove it.  I was left with some glue on the shoe and some glue left on my foot.

The excess glue on my sandal strap was fairly easy to remove with the exacto knife once it was no longer attached to my foot.  The glue on my foot hasn't been nearly as easy to remove.  I did manage to get a lot of it off, but I have a feeling I'll have glue remnants of my foot for weeks to come.

36 Responses to “Doesn't Everyone Sleep With Their Shoes On?”

  1. jess

    LOLOL, that sounds like something I would do. My sister superglued her eye one time..

  2. Michelle

    I’ve super-glued my son’s foot to the floor … accidentally of course. It dripped on the kitchen floor and I couldn’t see where, until he stood on it then couldn’t move his toe. It took quite a hunk out of him, unfortunately.
    A shoe would be easier to deal with though, you can take it with you, unlike a floor.

  3. Di

    I would have called the fire dept. so I could see the cute EMT’s.
    Super Glue… dangerous stuff!
    The Blue Ridge Gal

  4. sometimessophia

    Been there, done that. Sad to say. I’m okay with tools, but inept with glue, caulk, and chemicals. They should require you to have a license to buy this stuff. 😉

  5. Lori

    This is something that would happen to me. Sounds like your making progress in you house? How exciting that your getting some things done…hope to see pictures in the near future!

  6. Jan

    While I’ve never glued a shoe to my foot, I HAVE glued all of the fingers on my right hand together along with a hefty wad of Saran Wrap (don’t ask), so I have to chime in on this one with three words:
    Nail polish remover.

  7. Linda

    OK, am I the only one trying to figure this out? Rhinestones on TOP of shoe, glue UNDER strap? Oh wait! “big glob of super glue”.
    Never mind:)

  8. Lo

    oh, girl, …… oh girl. i am shakin’ my head right now. i just LOVE YOU. love the shoes too.
    and HELLO? ???? ???? screw money town man and the torturers harem i wanna know about the real housewives gossip!!!!!!!!!!!!! that one woman? TOTALLY a body snatcher cuz she is WAY TOO YOUNG LOOKIN. so. if she’s an alien .i’ve gotta know.

  9. Nothing Fancy

    superglue…dangerous stuff!
    but i do LOVE those sandals!!! I’m a sandal-aholic. Or at least I wish I could own a million pair!

  10. Fragrant Liar

    I once super-glued a merkin to my hoo-ha, in attempt to do research for a Playgirl article I was writing. The solution was polish remover. It wasn’t easy, but not nearly as bad as the humiliation of having at least one person see me like that. Thankfully, it was my hubby.

  11. Jan

    Oh, yes, I love the sandals! You are very talented to be able to cut the sandal off and not harm yourself or the sandal! You really have talent. I mean it your could have been a surgeon.

  12. Irish Gumbo

    Very resourceful, young lady! Be careful with those knives, though, jeez I was nervous reading that.
    Better than Supergluing your hand to your face, though. Not that I’ve ever done that…
    @Fragrant Liar: A merkin? What kind of article were you researching, nudity or personal hygiene in Elizabethan times? I did a spit take when I read that! That’s not a word much used these days. And where does one get a merkin now? A wig shop? 😉

  13. Kelly

    Laughing at you … except I’ve super glued two of my fingers together before … so not laughing TOO hard!

  14. Hallie

    I have never glued my shoe to my foot. I HAVE glued my fingers together trying to give myself a cheap at home fake nails manicure. That shit stays put forever!!

  15. EricaB

    Once my mother tried to repair her boot with super glue. She reached in the boot to press the inside of it and the bottom together…and glued her hand right inside. We thought we were going to have to go to the ER as well. Instead we just pulled it off…YOWZA! We still laugh about that!

  16. Life with Kaishon

    Oh my gosh! This was so funny! You are hilarious. I am glad you were able to extract the shoe from your foot without calling the firemen. Most importantly, I am glad you were able to save the shoes. WAY TO GO!

  17. Liz C

    HahahahaHAHAHAha! Not laughing AT you, I’m laughing WITH you, really.
    You are laughing, right? I could see myself doing that so easily.
    Lucky you, living in a climate where you can wear sandals more than three months out of the year. You should see my everyday shoes. (on my blog, under Random Liz-ness tag). Heck, even your feet look better!

  18. Life with Kaishon

    PS I DO want to hear about the Housewife! I am practically obsessed with the show. I just can’t believe that real women act like that.

  19. Heather

    I once glued 2 of my fingers together. That made me pretty panicky.
    You go to great lengths to get out of PT don’t you? “Sorry I can’t do that one, can’t take my shoe off!”

  20. margaret (Nanny Goats)

    When you said “yesterday, I was waiting around the house for various repair and delivery men. The men weren’t showing up (of course not!) so I decided…”
    I thought you were about to say “…so I decided to take off all my clothes and run around naked with the doors and windows open”.

  21. Jeanene

    My shoes got all tied up in a knot once I discovered that Doesn’t Everyone Sleep With Their Shoes On? | Twenty Four at Heart was the actual headline just for this unique article. My shoes and boots really mean almost everything in my opinion. I truly do not know exactly what I might do in the event that my own selections ended up abruptly limited.


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