Bloggers at Las Brisas

There's a restaurant called Las Brisas perched on a bluff in Laguna Beach.  They have a very popular outdoor bar, in addition to a fairly swanky indoor restaurant.  It's a favorite place for Orange County folks to bring out of town guests.


Well, the view has a lot to do with it. 

Las Brisas could not be more "Orange County."  The people-watching there is always incredible too.  (Particularly in the summer when no one in the bar wears much in the way of clothing.)

Last Wednesday night, I arrived at Las Brisas to meet up with a few other bloggers.  The event was organized as part of Bossy's No Book Tour.  (For the two one of you who don't know Bossy, she is a humor blogger.) 


As in, she is funny all the time, whereas, I just think I'm funny some of the time.

This is what Las Brisas looks like from inside the restaurant at night:

Las Brisas sunset1

This is what our group looked like after everyone had drunk a little wine and/or a few margaritas.

I stole borrowed this group photo from Bossy.  I'm sure she doesn't mind I wrote all over it. 

Isn't Bossy gorgeous? 

I was the last one to arrive.  I had been sitting in the cold and rain for three hours watching my cold turn into pneumonia son's baseball game.  Why they didn't call the game is beyond me.  It was nice to arrive at Las Brisas and see the ocean storming though.  I love the beach during a storm.

Despite arriving late, and feeling very rushed and flustered, I quickly settled in and had fun.


Who, me?

Can you imagine me having fun?

By the way, I'm not sure who I stole that last photo from.  It might have been on Bossy's camera too.

What could be better for a stormy night by the sea than a bowl of soup?


Ok, I admit, it does look like something one of my dogs yakked up.

It was some sort of hominy something-or-other, and also, sort of Mexican-ish.

Guess what?

It was delicious.  Absolutely fantastic!  I would order it again in a minute. 

I really enjoyed meeting some new people and also getting caught up with a few old friends.  Bossy will have to come visit Orange County more often so we have an excuse to celebrate again.

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10 Responses to “Bloggers at Las Brisas”

  1. Kelly

    How fun! You look great in those pictures. So pretty!

  2. Tami

    I’ve been to las brisas. Its so beautiful there!

  3. Issa

    I may need to cry now. That is my favorite restaurant ever. Sigh. 😉

  4. di

    Well for being sick you look mighty purdy there little lady. *in my best John Wayne voice*
    Oh what fun!

  5. Tami Wyatt

    I had soup that night, too! Isn’t that funny…I’m sure when most people think about Las Brisas they don’t automatically think…”Mmmm…soooooup!”
    We make a fine looking group!

  6. Jason

    And next time Bossy comes through, I am coming to the OC! To think I could have met you. And Tammy. And Kim. Among others!

  7. heart shaped hedges

    I had fun too….so glad you could make it – enjoyed our chat.
    @Jason, yes…come on down next time – didnt you see her in LA?
    xo Kim


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