Believe it or not, I'm still trying to recover from the crud that took over my lungs last week.  

I have the energy of a snail on a snail's most relaxed day.

Nonetheless, I did have enough energy to snort out loud when a man introduced himself to me last weekend.

His name is Mr. DeCock.

His first name is Pat.

That's right … Pat De Cock.

I couldn't make up a name like that if I tried.  And yes, I did guffaw out loud before I could stop myself.

I'm sure he's used to it?

Can you imagine growing up with a name like that?

Can you imagine some young girl having a crush on him and thinking to herself, "When I grow-up I want to be Mrs. Pat De Cock."

I met one of The OC's most obnoxious women recently too.  There are a million other women just like her here, but I have to wonder why?

What is it about Orange County that makes women so insecure?

Or are insecure woman driven to come here by some magnetic force of the Pacific Ocean?

Why are they so in need of proving to the world they are important by collecting material things and plastic body parts?

More importantly …

Why don't they all know to stay away from me or I will make fun of them?

They should know that about me by now, don't you think?

And yes, I am talking about you

The one with the Louboutin shoes, $3,000 designer purse and spinach in the cleavage of your store-bought double D's.  (The spinach dropped out of the veneers on your teeth and hung on the cleavage area of your dress.  You might have noticed if your botoxed face could have forced your eyes to look downward.)

* Ahem *

Sometimes I feel like the only person in Orange County unimpressed by wealth.  Don't get me wrong, I'd love to win the lottery as much as anyone else.

Unless it made me like them, and in that case, I'd prefer not to.

Because, really?

Some of the most pathetic, empty, shallow people on earth live here.

Shoes, and handbags, perfect plastic body parts, and model-homes don't impress me.

Oh, but people with kind hearts?

Whether they have money or not, the people with kind hearts –

They impress me.

P.S.  (Did I mention I won $2 in the MegaMillions lottery last week?  That should help out with college costs for my kids, don't ya think?!  Woo Hoo!!)

P.P.S.  Happy Birthday to my longtime and very dear friend, Nike!! xo

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16 Responses to “Noteworthy”

  1. Michelle

    Happy Birthday, Nike! Hope 24 takes you out for a drink or four.

  2. Joanne

    [Or are insecure woman driven to come here by some magnetic force of the Pacific Ocean?]
    maybe if you went to one of those nice cliff-side places and tossed a tube of Youth Serum in the ocean they would jump off like a pack of lemmings?? wishful thinking maybe but it might be worth a try! hahaha

  3. Maureen@IslandRoar

    Oh I have missed your humor! Sorry you had lung crud last week and I hope you’re feeling better.
    Love this guy’s name…

  4. di

    How could she not feel that spinach hanging in her cleavage?? Does too much plastic and silicone in the body numb it? No feeling left?? Who knew!

  5. Laura

    That is probobly the high part of my list of things I don’t miss about living there. lol. People who thinks they are better than everyone else because they have money, they look better (because they pay to look that way), and they think they live better. Just remember to tell yourself, just because they look happy doesn’t mean they are. I think to myself, how can they be happy, yet always trying to change things about themselves and those around them. Super shallow.
    You are certainly NOT one of THEM! You have heart my friend!!!

  6. Judi

    Happy Birthday, Nike! Count me as the second person in OC not impressed by wealth. My $30 ebay-bought purse carries my crap just as well as that $3000 number would. I love Joanne’s idea of tempting the shallow, insecure ones over a cliff!

  7. Kelly

    Awww happy birthday to Nike! Love mr de cock! ha ha.
    you make me laugh!

  8. Cristie

    I should not be surprised by Mr. DeCock or spinach cleavage. I have read here long enough. And yet…
    Love to laugh here-thanks!

  9. Midlife Mama

    *snort* Pat DeCock?!? Are you serious?? OMG you would think the guy would call himself Patrick, for the love of all things holy. It’s like men named Richard who call themselves Dick. I mean, really? Why??? Do they like making themselves the target of guffaws, snorts and complete and utter ridicule?? These are the same people that get angry when you inadvertently guffaw or snort. Sheesh.

  10. LPC

    Kind hearts anywhere are what matters. And you can find them across all the economic spectrum.

  11. Michelle Pixie

    I am still laughing about Pat De Cock… My parents have a friend whose name is Richard Blower and you know how they shorten Richard. Bwahahahaha

  12. Lisa

    My theory is that they are insecure because they know if they don’t keep up with the plastic body parts and insane spending on maintenance and clothing, their uber-rich husbands will drop them for a younger model very quickly.


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