A Day of Rest


The party yesterday was a big success.  It's amazing how much food (and tequila!) we went through.

I'm tired today.  

I think I'll be fighting exhaustion for a couple months until I'm used to the new meds and they get my doses finalized.  I hate being tired all the time.  It's as if I've reverted to being a child – I need a daily nap.  If I don't have a chance to take a nap, I can't function the second half of the day.  Either I'm three years old or three hundred, I'm not sure which.

In any case, I'm taking today off to do as little as possible.  I hear the waves are enormous this weekend.  Maybe if I get a burst of energy later today, I'll mosey down to the beach for a long walk.

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9 Responses to “A Day of Rest”

  1. Michelle

    The ocean, always a place of refreshing for me. Enjoy your weekend

  2. Mad Woman

    Have a nap on the beach…two birds, one stone. Feel better! Glad the party was a success!

  3. Karen

    The ocean is a great revitalizer, what beautiful photos, by the way… *sigh* I’m green with envy at your location.

  4. Kristan

    “Either I’m three years old or three hundred, I’m not sure which.”
    Lol me too. But in reality I”m 24. (No, really.) So don’t feel too bad about it. Exhaustion gets the best of us, even the ones not on meds. Do what you can, and “nap out” the rest.

  5. di

    If I were you I’d take a chair to the beach and just chill a while. Good sun, good air, good sounds. They can all help to heal the soul. Enjoy your day!

  6. Karl

    I’ve been taking daily naps forever. Oddly enough, my newest pharmaceutical regime seems to be GIVING me energy, which cuts into my precious napping. Not sure if that makes me 3 or 300, though.


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