Ahhhh! Orange County

I felt very driven to see the enormous waves everyone was talking about yesterday.  Normally, we only get average size waves in Orange County.  This weekend, however, there were reports of 8 – 20 foot waves.

Ok, let's be honest ….

The big waves were just my excuse to go to the beach.

(As if I need an excuse?)

I'll come up with next to anything to get out of housecleaning and chores.

In spite of the huge waves, conditions for surfing were poor.  I drove up to The Wedge, which is in Corona Del Mar, because it is the premier surfing spot.  No one was surfing.  The wind was whipping the ocean into a frenzy, making surfing conditions horrible.

Did you notice how the ocean spray is blowing to the side?  The wind was amazing!  

I was guarding my camera from blowing sand particles every second I was at The Wedge.

One little speck of sand can ruin a camera in a second flat.  You don't want to know how I know that, do you?  I'd really rather not talk about it …. 


The power of an angry ocean is an amazing and awe-inspiring thing to watch.  Have you ever seen an angry ocean?  

It looks like this:


There was a lifeguard standing nearby.  He wasn't allowing anyone to go into the ocean.  Conditions were far from safe.

After almost getting blown off the jetty by the fierce winds, I decided it was time for a change of scenery.  

My next stop was the Balboa Pier in Newport Beach which is very close to The Wedge.


It was very windy still, but beautiful.


I've included one more photo today for those of you who are curious about the city of Newport Beach.


This photo was taken from the Balboa Pier, looking back at the city of Newport Beach.  Can you see all those tall buildings?  Well, now you know where many of Orange County's finest transform from being real people into plastic people.  That's right – they walk into many of those buildings REAL and come out PLASTIC.

It's true, I swear!

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12 Responses to “Ahhhh! Orange County”

  1. Michelle

    You’ve really captured the power in the wind and the waves.

  2. Mad Woman

    Oh I know all about sand ruining cameras. I just had to replace my trusty point and shoot because I took it to the beach and got sand in it. Very expensive field trip that turned out to be.
    I love your photos!

  3. Karen

    LOL.. great post, beautiful photography!!.. and I LOVE your blog, really and truly, because I get to see your coast! Photo tour someday, if you get a chance 🙂

  4. di

    Nice! No waves here, but we are having water falling from the sky today. *smiles*

  5. Jan

    I’ve, uh, got pictures of corn and black beans on my site today…

  6. Kelly

    Wow those are some amazing shots of the waves!

  7. Tami

    You make me laugh. Maybe I should walk into one of those buildings and get my tummy fixed! Loved the power of the waves!

  8. Anne Gibert

    What wonderful sunshine! What wonderful waves! What soldier-like palm trees guarding the people plasticizing buildings!

  9. toywithme

    You made an angry ocean a beautiful thing. Great shots, thanks for sharing them.


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