In My Brain; Onto My Blog

Thank you to everyone who took the time to leave a comment/email/tweet of support yesterday.  It really means a lot to me.  Seriously, it really does.

I hope you can be patient with me and give me a day or two to get back on my feet.

My new medications are making me VERY sleepy.


Zzzzzzzz ….


What was I saying writing?

Supposedly I'll get used to the new meds and then I won't feel so tired.  The sleepiness factor is also the reason they will be increasing doses gradually … a full dose right from the start would make me sleep 24/7.

Yesterday, I met a few women for lunch at Wilma's Patio on Balboa Island in Newport Beach.  One of the women was my friend Lorna.  Another was Anne, the reader from Germany who sent me chocolate and stainless steel soap.  She's visiting The OC for a few days and brought along her friend, Carol from Tennessee.

I forgot my camera.

What blogger does that?

I'm blaming the new meds and the fact they make me …..

Zzzzzzzzzzz …

Anyway, it was great to meet Anne and Carol, and wonderful to also get caught up with Lorna.  I wish I'd had time to dally in the cute little shops on the island after lunch, but I had a pretty full day booked and couldn't spare the time.

One topic of conversation, actually a question they had for me, was whether or not I've talked to The Torturer since I stopped PT with him.  Since they seemed so curious, I figure maybe some of you are too.

After all, the man is *practically* famous.  I wonder if he appreciates his notoriety based on my blog?  

I think … not.

Yes, The Torturer and I are still in touch.  I've known him for a long time (15 years!) and we are still speaking and we are still friends.  In fact, I was reading an email from him on my Blackberry as I walked into the restaurant for lunch yesterday.  I still bug him with questions about my arm and whine to him when I'm having a bad day.  There's no one who understands my arm situation as well as he does.

He hated hearing my bitching and whining when I was his patient, but I'm sure he really enjoys it much more now.

Don't ya think?

I go to the hospital for a PT evaluation fairly early Thursday morning.  I wonder if they have anyone there who can follow in The Torturer's footsteps?

I think … not.

One thing's for sure –

I'm not going to tell anyone at my new PT I have a blog.  That way I can come back and tell you all about my experiences without need for censorship.

And now, if you'll excuse me ….


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12 Responses to “In My Brain; Onto My Blog”

  1. Jan

    Ha! Watch – you’ll walk into the new PT, and there will be a chorus of “Oh, LOOK! It’s Twenty Four at Heart!!!” and they’ll all be asking for your autograph and stuff.
    Be careful driving while you’re adjusting to the new meds, m’dear.

  2. Michelle

    I had wondered….. Glad to hear you are still in touch.
    Hope the new PT is as good – if that’s possible 😉

  3. Kelly

    I’m with Jan. So many people know about 24 I doubt if you can keep it a secret from your new physical therapy. Thanks too for updatingon the torturer. I’m nosy and I HAVE been wondering what the deal was with him.

  4. Tami

    I’m glad you and the torturer are still in touch. I wish you were going back to pt with him. I think he really cares about you and also your stories from there were SO funny!

  5. Katie

    Can’t wait to hear stories from your new pt. I hope they can help you. If I were the torturer it would bother me to have anyone else working on you. Doesn’t he want to finish what he started with you? (Sounds dirty? Didn’t mean for it to!) Is going back to him not an option?

  6. Jack

    I sometimes get sidetracked by things- let me get this straight. Did you say Anne from German brought Carol from Tennessee to Newport Beach.
    That is quite the combination of places.

  7. Linda Tustin

    (((hugs))) 24- hope the new meds work. You can whine and bitch to me all you want and I will never be irritated or wish you would stop. (I read back a few posts- been mega crazy here lately) I do however know how family members and friends can feel that way, I have a brother in Law in constant pain it seems, and I do get annoyed at his constant negative attitude (that and his willingness to spread it endlessly on Facebook) Your post however mad me re-think my attitude toward him and I thank you for that.

  8. missy

    I agree with Jan – please be careful driving while adjusting to the new meds. Hope you get some major relief working with a pain management doctor. I am also interested to hear all about your hospital PT. I wonder how it will be different.

  9. Amy_in_Stl

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  10. Lorna Harris

    Lunch was lovely. Thank you for inviting me. Now I need to come for a coffee in Money Town, would love to sit and people watch for awhile.

  11. Cathy B.

    Hoping for you that the new meds/PT/pain specialist gives you relief. I know the new PT won’t be the same as the Torturer, but they can still help. And I don’t think you had a pain specialist before, did you? I think adding this to your treatment can only be good. Whatever you’re doing, your readers here are behind you!
    Sending you lots of positive thoughts, and virtual (((hugs)))


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