Pool Party


While I was out of town for Mother's Day weekend, Briefcase volunteered our house for a pool party and barbecue this weekend.  

No, he didn't check with me first before volunteering us me to do all the work.

This isn't a small affair either.

We are hosting around 75 people from my son's baseball program this afternoon and evening.

Everyone we're expecting is very nice and I'm sure I'll enjoy myself once it begins.  On the other hand, I can't say throwing a large party is remotely exactly what I needed right now.

Someone pass me a margarita, please!

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7 Responses to “Pool Party”

  1. Karen

    Don’t ya love when they do things like that? As if they’re the ones who do all the cleaning and shopping and cooking and preparing and hostessing and in my case, even the grilling!!!!
    Enjoy. try. 🙂

  2. di

    Any one of those purdy umbrella’d drinks would turn my mood around! Hope you tied an apron on Briefcase and put him to work too. ;-

  3. Michelle

    I guess you can’t enjoy a drink with the meds your on. Or maybe you can. 🙂
    Hope it all flows smoothly, and the boys clean up properly.

  4. Jason

    Good luck! This kind of thing stresses me out. I wish I could be the host with the most, but I just get too uptight, especially if I am in charge of the food! I hope it went well.

  5. Mad Woman

    Hotty Hubby would be slaughtered on the spot and then I’d be running away.
    Good luck, I don’t envy you at all!


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