California Music

I thought I'd share some California music with you today.  Iration is a very popular group here.  The members are originally from Hawaii, but formed their band in Isla Vista, the small college town adjacent to UC Santa Barbara where I (and my daughter) went to college.  They began playing at college parties and their popularity has really taken off.  I love so many of their songs, but I picked one of my son's recent favorites to share today.  This is the type of music many of us listen to here while hanging out at the pool or beach.  

If you like Iration, you will probably also like Rebelution which is another reggae-ish band, also from the Isla Vista/Santa Barbara area.  I've been listening to Rebelution for years now.

My old college town is a hotbed for successful, California, bands it seems.

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5 Responses to “California Music”

  1. di

    Hi Suzanne.. Whenever I click on your link on my sidebar it takes me to a Feedburner page instead of your blog. I don’t think the Feedburner page lets me comment so then I have to input your blog url and it brings me to here. Strange.
    (I like the reggae sound for a change once in a while too)

  2. Jan

    I like this – but then again, we love us some reggae. We’re going to Las Vegas later next month; Beloved has some conference to attend, so I thought I’d go along and visit Darling Daughter. We’ve got tickets to see Jimmy Cliff while we’re there. Woo-hoo!

  3. Kelly

    I love reggae. I know rebelution but iration is new to me. THANKS!

  4. Pseudo

    They do sound like the are from Hawaii. Didn’t Jack Johnson also go to school in Santa Barbara before coming back to Hawaii?
    Last week we went to Waikiki to hear Natural Vibrations – a local reggae band.

  5. Alan

    I bought the entire album! I gotta tell you, there are a few really great reggae pop bands out there (Pepper being my favorite) and I had never heard of these guys. But I know them now! Thanks Suz! Excellent album!!!


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