Heat Wave!

It's supposed to be cookin' hot in Orange County this weekend!





Decisions, decisions, decisions!

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9 Responses to “Heat Wave!”

  1. di

    It’s going to be ugly warm here too with high humidity… This is why I detest summertime. I’m more of a northern gal I guess…. this southern stuff kind of sucks.

  2. LPC

    Both! We are supposed to have heat up here too. I, however, will have to be happy with sprinklers. I plan to repair some, while they are running. Might have to put my bathing suit on to do so.

  3. Michelle

    We had a lovely high of 13C here this weekend. ☺

  4. Ginger

    Love the photo, but I’m missing photography Friday! I know you have a lot on your plate; just know that you have a fan out here waiting for your wonderful tutorials to return!

  5. Nashoba J

    Too hot and humid in Oklahoma to even think about being outside and not in the water…at least between noon and 4 pm. Thankfully the kiddos agree. 🙂


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