I Feel So Violated!

I'm in the midst of fighting my way out of some pretty hefty technical problems so I don't have much of anything for you today.

I've spent the last 24 hours, or so, trying to repair and rebuild from a hacker.

That's right – I was hacked.


Assholes with a lot of time on their hands, that's who.

I apologize to the many of you who got spammy emails from me (but not-really-me) yesterday.

My thanks to the many of you who took the time to inform me something was wrong.  I'm sorry if I didn't get back to each of you individually.  I was probably too busy pulling my hair out.  Also, I heard from a zillion of you and it's difficult to respond to a zillion people in a timely manner!

To make matters worse, the hard drive on our home PC (not the MacBook I use) crashed yesterday also.  

To make matters even worse, I am dealing with the biggest billing nightmare in medical history and the whole situation escalated to the point of exploding my head into four hundred zillion pieces yesterday.

Don't you love when a company is completely incompetent, bills you incorrectly for months, fails to fix the problem when you make repeated phone calls requesting they do (despite saying the situation will be remedied "immediately") … and then reports YOU to a collection agency?

Because, isn't that exactly what you need to have happen on a day when you're fighting a technological nightmare?

On a positive note, after hours of work and very little sleep – my technological life is now back in order.

I think.

On a negative note, if you've emailed me in the last few weeks I most likely "lost" your email correspondence in the hacker nightmare.  SO – if you are waiting for a reply from me (and many of you probably are because I've been behind on email replies with the going out of town, graduation thing, going on) then please feel free to re-email me.

On another negative note, today I have to re-tackle the incompetent medical billing company.  I'm sure that will be a very unpleasant experience.

I think I need a few hours at the beach to de-stress.  Or an hour in my pool swimming.  Or a cocktail.  Or ….?

Come to think of it – let's go with that theme - 

What do you do to de-stess after a hellish day or two like I've had?

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16 Responses to “I Feel So Violated!”

  1. Stephen

    Well lately, I’ve been heading down to the lake in the evenings. I have this little boat I launch from the beach, and it takes me out of range of my problems. I shoot a ton of pics, and catch a few fish, and commune with higher powers. A few cold beers add lubrication. It’s been keeping me going.

  2. Michelle

    I come home, put my dressing gown (robe) on, and read you and others. Alternatively, I’ll walk the dog or go surfing. Surfing is probably the best as there is only me and the water.

  3. di

    I rarely have reason to stress… Hubby on the other hand is great at it. Just the difference in our personalities I suppose. I’d be totally pissed off though if a company reported me to a collection agency though when it’s their mistake causing the problem on my account. My claws would come out!

  4. Maureen@IslandRoar

    I can’t believe you were hacked! Don’t people have better things to do??
    I’m a pretty zen person but I think Everyone has reason to stress at some point. I have a sick parent and animal right now and am walking around trying to convince myself this is all as it’s supposed to be…
    Exercise helps me. And kind words from friends, which of course means I have to come out of my big strong shell and share what’s happening. Billing nightmares are the worst! They make you feel insane and they’re so self righteous. Good Luck with that and hang in there; we love you!

  5. Linda

    I KNEW that email wasn’t from you! HA! Deleted that puppy right away! Also glad I figured correctly, that you had already received a bazillion emails to let you know about it and didn’t send you send you the bazillionth and one.

  6. Holli

    Watch “My Cousin Vinny”. It always makes me laugh and usually laughter is what I need. If that does not work, alcohol.

  7. Sandi

    Please tell me how to prevent being hacked, because it would be something like that, that would put me completely over the edge!
    As far as de-stressing…. I am on wellbutrin because I have yet to figure out how to de-stress without spending thousands at the mall.

  8. Jan

    You weren’t the only person I know who’s Yahoo account was hacked – I had TWO other friends I got the same emails from.
    Hackers? Castration should be the mandatory punishment. Just my opinion.

  9. Kelly

    There’s been a lot of hacking in the blogosphere lately. Redneck Mommy and many others. Hope today is a better day. I’d be so pissed at that billing company. Is it related to the torturer?

  10. Twenty Four At Heart

    No, the billing issue is not from PT with The Torturer – although I do keep getting bills I shouldn’t be receiving from him too.

  11. Amy in StL

    When I lived on the east coast I always went for a walk on the beach until I found some quiet dunes and then I just sat and absorbed the happy ions in the air. Honestly, I haven’t found much ways to destress here in the midwest. It used to be boxing but my gym changed the classes to more exercise and less boxing. So now… I don’t know.

  12. The Mayor

    Fighting to get legitimate bills paid can be beyond ridiculous. It can be a full time job.
    It’s kind of like all the credit bureaus selling “credit monitoring and protection”. If they weren’t such assholes when you call to dispute a claim or correct an error we wouldn’t NEED protection and monitoring.

  13. Pseudo

    So, if I clicked on the link to the Canadian drug center, does that I mean I acquired a hacker too?

  14. Deidre

    Wow That is soooo annoying.
    I like to watch movies that make me feel like I’m at home again: My Cousin Vinny, When Harry Met Sally, While You Were Sleeping, etc.

  15. DuchessOmnium

    Oh, dear. But I have no doubt you will rise gloriously above it all, and entertain us with the story too.

  16. Michelle Pixie

    Oh you poor thing! I did send you an email but not a big deal although I am glad to know it wasn’t me. 😉 I say after a day like that a cocktail, a bubble bath, and a massage would do the trick!


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