Lunch With Neil

I've mentioned my friend, Neil Kramer, on Twenty Four At Heart a few times.  He writes a blog called Citizen of the Month.  Many of you know Neil … or know OF Neil.  If you've been reading here long enough, you may even remember Neil guest posted for me once upon a time while I was away on a trip.

Neil is a big, famous, screenwriter in real life.  Sometimes he lives in New York, and sometimes Neil lives in the Los Angeles area.  He's bi-coastal.

Neil was one of the first "big" bloggers to acknowledge my arrival in the blogosphere.  I'm not sure how it happened, but somehow we became friends.  Last summer we spent a lot of time hanging out together in Chicago.  Since then we've continued to stay in touch.  You might remember, I saw Neil not long ago at a bloggers meet-up in Laguna Beach.

In any case, Neil is living in L.A. at the moment.  Yesterday I drove up to meet him for lunch.  We were going to meet at a Japanese restaurant.

Um …

Except – I got lost.

Yes, I've lived in Southern California my entire life.  And no, Neil has not.  That's why I offered to drive up to see him.  So, ya know, he wouldn't get lost.

* Ahem *

And yes, I do have a navigation system in my car.  And no, I didn't program it because I didn't think I needed to.  And then once I was lost, I couldn't program it because I drive with one working arm and …..

Anyway –

I called Neil from the car and he got quite a laugh at my expense.

He had me get off the freeway at the next exit (I had already driven well past the exit I was supposed to take) and directed me to meet him at a coffee shop a few blocks away.  He said he'd be about ten minutes behind me.

I found our new meeting spot, no problem.  I'm a smart driver like that!


L.A. is so L.A.  If you've never spent time in Los Angeles, you won't understand that statement, but if you have – you will.

Pann's was built in 1958 and it still has a 50's feel to it.  

Let's take a closer look at their sign:


After a short wait, Neil arrived.  We, of course, chatted nonstop.  There was a lot to get caught up on even though we seem to be in constant, daily, communication.

For instance, Neil told me about researching professional, Orgasmic French kissing which is supposed to be much more exciting than nonprofessional, non-orgasmic French kissing.  Mind you, Neil has only been researching it so far, he hasn't yet gone into PFK (professional French kissing) training.  

Did you click on the Orgasmic French Kissing link?

Neil is a thinker.  Neil thinks about things I would never think about and he thinks about them in a way I would never think about them.  (And I mean every word of that as a compliment.)

All in all, I think Neil is a very interesting person, which is why I enjoy his friendship so much.


My lunch reminded me of what I love most about blogging –

Friends like Neil.  

Friends I never would have met if not for the Internet.

Technology has brought some wonderful people into my life.

Like you!

And you … and you … and you!

© Twenty Four At Heart

20 Responses to “Lunch With Neil”

  1. Mad Woman

    Back at ya babe! I love reading your stuff so much. I wish I had time to comment more often. Neil’s all kinds of awesome too. I really should check in on his blog more often!

  2. di

    I have visited Neil’s blog in the past and have always enjoyed his writing style. Pann’s by the way DOES look very 50’s and like a great meet up place. Glad you two got to visit!

  3. Jan

    One day I’ll be able to have lunch with you and say *I* had lunch with a big-time blogger!
    Every time I see your picture, I think “Damn she’s gorgeous; it’s a good thing I love her.”

  4. Christi

    What a great photo! Sounds like fun. I will check out Neils blog!

  5. Linda

    Awww. You are so sweet! And I can say I’ve had lunch with a big-time blogger. YOU! I’m so glad I got to meet you too!

  6. Jack

    I used to live down the street from Panns. It is fun. Next time you guys can hit Dinahs, off of Sepulveda. Neil is a good guy, I met him at the last 140 Conference.

  7. drlori71

    I follow Neil on Twitter and I’ve read his blog. I had no idea he was a big famous screenwriter and a big name blogger. He seems like a regular down to earth guy. It is very cool that you two have become such good friends.

  8. Pam

    Fun, fun, fun! And I love Pann’s too! (especially their REAL FOOD) 🙂

  9. Jason

    Amen to that! Neil seems like a person of intrigue, yet down to earth.
    I can hardly wait until you can do an “I went to lunch with Jason” post!

  10. Pseudo

    What a beautiful day is was too – the skies look very clear. Now I’m going to IMDB so I know who Neil is ; -)

  11. allyson/HBMomof2

    I love that guy! I am always surprised how an uber talented writer can always be in a state of flux like him. He does not turn off the brain and questions everything including himself. (Love that!) I follow him on twitter too and sometimes he is so smart that I have nothing to say to him. I don’t want to look like an idiot in comparison. Glad you had a great meet up. Like my husband says about my GPS, “Trust the lady.” It has become a family mantra.

  12. Karl

    Aw, I’d love to be able to get together with you two again. Glad you got to hang out.


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