I don't share many photos of Mocha, my chocolate lab, because she's afraid of the pool and doesn't swim.  (Yes, this DOES make her an embarrassment to retrievers everywhere.)  My Golden Retriever seems to get more blog time due to his incessant need to be in our pool and the great photo opportunities it provides.

Don't worry though, I have tons of photos of Mocha doing what she does best …  sneaking onto the couches when she doesn't think we'll catch her, stealing socks so I'll chase her around the house (her favorite game!) and begging for just one more tummy rub.

She's a much loved dog and is spoiled rotten.

Her eyes are two different colors.

Her heart …

Is pure love and devotion.

© Twenty Four At Heart

10 Responses to “Mocha”

  1. SSG

    She is beautiful! Sometimes I wish I had a dog to hug and take for walks, and chase round the house. But then I think of picking up dog poo, and taking he/she for a walk, and other dogs coming over and barking, fighting… I’m kinda scared of dogs…

  2. Mad Woman

    She’s gorgeous…and just doin’ her own thing. I used to have a retriever that hated water. But she sure loved to snuggle and that was good enough for me!

  3. di

    Awwww. I think I love Mocha. Her gentle spirit shows in her eyes. MIssy used to be a sofa girl when she could get away with it and when her legs worked better. Now just getting up from the floor is almost too much for her physically.
    I wish dogs could live forever sometimes.

  4. WebSavvyMom

    –>Thank you! I miss our chocolate so much since she died a month ago. Our white lab still only sleeps on half of the bed. Mocha is beautiful!

  5. Pam

    Ahhhh, I love chocolates! We just finished putting a pond/waterfall in our backyard today and our 10 year old chocolate is in HEAVEN being able to cool off. I love all of your dog pics! 🙂


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