Not A Bad Weekend

I'm writing this through a bit of a blur.

I overdid it with my swimming over the weekend so now I'm under the influence of pain meds.

It was SO worth it though.  I love being in the pool.  I got a little too enthused, I suppose, and tried to increase the use of my arm faster than I should have.  I'll feel better in a few days.  I'll take it easy until then, but I'm sure I'll be back in the pool every day regardless.

(If nothing else, I'll be seeing the pain management doc this afternoon and I'm sure he'll be interested in checking me out.)

Um, I didn't mean he will be checking ME out, I meant he will be checking my ARM out.

Although, I don't know – maybe he will be checking me out?  

I'll let you know either way.

So, let me give you a quick recap of the last few days …

I'm firing the new PT.

Yes, I am.  

I gave her three tries and we are not a good match.  

First of all, she has not yet touched me – at all.  Each visit, she hands me a piece of paper showing me things to do when I get home and that's my pt session.  After she hands me a paper, she explains the paper to me for a good thirty minutes.  Not one paper has shown me anything I haven't already been doing for nearly four years.  Also, every exercise she's handed me a paper on is an activity I moved past long ago … the activities are way too easy (immediate post-surgery type of activities).  

Aren't physical therapists supposed to be hands on?

And yes, I've tried communicating my thoughts/needs/frustrations to her but she doesn't seem to hear me.

Second, she talks to me as if I'm three.  I.Can't.Handle.It!

Third, she informed me I'm an "overachiever" and told me I'm expecting way too much out of myself.

(The Torturer just spewed coffee all over himself reading that!)

I may be an overachiever in some areas of my life.  My pain levels, however, keep my overachieving in check regarding my arm.  She, however, expects nothing from me and seems to think I should also expect nothing from myself.

You know me better than that, don't you?

If I don't think I'm ever going to make improvements – who the hell will?

Anyway – enough said …

I need a new PT.

And no, I don't yet know who it will be or where I will find him/her.

I think I need a him though.  I like men.

Moving on –

It was hot here this weekend.  I managed to get a lot of things done this weekend (being the overachiever that I am), but when I wasn't busy overachieving this pretty much sums up my weekend:


I bought two $19 rafts at Costco.  They're so comfortable and they even have a place to hold my lemonade and vodka ice water.  It's very relaxing after I'm tuckered out from swimming.

Have I mentioned we have the happiest Golden Retriever in the world?

I think we do.

I must have thrown his football for him a few hundred times this weekend.

The weekend ended on a nice note.  We had a couple gift cards to Fleming's Steakhouse in Newport Beach so Briefcase, the two boys, and I enjoyed a great dinner there on Sunday night.  I ordered king crab legs (no butter – just lemon juice) and grilled asparagus.  It was low carb, low fat, healthy and delicious.  I really felt like enjoying a glass of wine with dinner, but I couldn't mix alcohol with the pain meds I needed on Sunday.  Oh well!  

(As an aside, Fleming's has a Bikinitini on their menu – it's a martini with only 99 calories.  I love the name they chose!)

What should I do to celebrate when I hit the twenty pound weight loss mark?  I'm not there yet, but hopefully I will be soon.  I'm all about rewarding myself – it keeps me motivated.

I need ideas/suggestions though.

What do you think?  

What would you consider a good (not too expensive) reward?

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15 Responses to “Not A Bad Weekend”

  1. Michelle

    Maybe the Bikinitini?…
    Or flowers. I love flowers and that’s my reward to myself when I achieve something, or just drive past my favorite supplier. 🙂

  2. Deidre

    A massage?
    I usually treat myself to a solo date to the movies. I like me some me time.

  3. di

    Male PT’s have better hands
    I’m with Deidre… go get a massage as a celebration on the 20 pounds.

  4. Maureen@IslandRoar

    I think it’s a good move, firing the PT. Not touching you?? My daughter was in PT from 2 till 10. How can you not be touched in PT??
    I’m sorry you’re in pain, but I think you’re so right to have expectations about yourself. What’s life without that??
    As for rewards, I’m ALL for that! You’ll come up with something perfect, of that I’m sure.

  5. Jan

    LOL @ Mo – because I completely agree.
    Good for firing the PT! The last thing you need in your life are wussies. Perhaps The Torturer could recommend someone? And your are 1000% correct; if you don’t have expectations of yourself, how can anyone else??
    As for the rewards, is there some small bauble you’ve had your eye on but haven’t felt you could justify the expense, small or otherwise?

  6. WebSavvyMom

    –>I had the same color on my toes til yesterday. I’m switching to navy blue for our beach vacation next week.
    I think your chocolate lab is feeling a little left out on your blog. (We had to put ours down a month ago so I would love to see pictures of your pup.)
    As for a reward….something for your camera? Spa day? New shoes? New bathing suit?

  7. Pam

    Almost 20 pounds down? VERY GOOD! That bikinitini sounds like a great reward.
    I think you are very wise to can the new PT. You need someone who believes in you and pushes you. It sounds like she wasn’t sure what to do with you and you sure don’t need to waste your time until she figures it out. Good choice!
    I love a happy, wet dog!! Great pictures. 🙂

  8. Kelly

    I like men too. Treat yourself to a new pair of shoes, a massage, or maybe some earrings?

  9. Karen

    A bikinitini!!!
    Maybe you should slink back to the Torturer. uh, just sayin.

  10. Tami

    I’m with Karen.
    I think you and the torturer should work something out.
    Why not?
    on the reward I would enjoy a day on the beach sans kids!

  11. Amy_in_Stl

    A new bikini! Definitely don’t reward yourself with food; I’ve gone that route and it’s not a good path to tread.

  12. Michelle Pixie

    I say a massage!
    I am curious about your pain managment doctor…There has been talk of sending Monkey to one but I am unsure of what that entails?

  13. Mad Woman

    Well, I’m getting my hair done when I reach the 50 pound mark, so maybe you could do that? Or get a mani/pedi?
    Glad you had a good weekend in the end..and I’m REALLY glad you fired the PT. Yes, they are meant to be hands on. Shame you can’t have the torturer back. 🙁


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