The Countdown Begins!

Towards the beginning of August, I will be headed to New York City for a women's blogging convention called BlogHer.  Some of you will also be there, others of you may remember I attended this same event last July in Chicago, and still others of you have never heard of it.

Regardless of whether or not you're familiar with BlogHer, I have a feeling some of you will be able to help me plan for it.

But first … a little background.

A lot of other blogging conferences have sprouted up, but BlogHer is the biggie.  I believe there will be over 1,200 attendees this year.  Despite the fact it's called BlogHer, there will also be a handful of male bloggers in attendance.  The vast majority of attendees, however, will be women.

What happens when you get 1,200 women together?

Well, there's a lot that goes on at the actual conference, but let's be honest …

There's a lot of hugging and squeeeeeeeing and checking each other out too.

Women do shit like that, you know.

This will be my second year attending, so I don't have as much anxiety about the event as I did last year.

I do, however, have some.

The anxiety I have regarding BlogHer comes down primarily to two areas:

1.  I hate to fly.  (I was involved in a near miss on a flight into Dallas years ago and have been an anxious flyer ever since.).

2.  I'm actually very shy "in real life."  Social settings with lots of people I don't know are pure torture.  I have to force myself out of my hotel room, and force myself to talk to people, and force myself not to stand in the corner of a room hiding.  I know you might find this hard to believe based on my writing, but it's true.  I'm not shy once I know someone and I'm not shy in one-on-one situations … but a roomful of strangers?  Egads!  I want to flee as fast as possible.

And yet, I had a lot of fun (!) last year in spite of myself.  It's good to force yourself out of your comfort zone now and then.  Attending a conference like BlogHer is definitely out of my comfort zone.

Regardless – I'm, in fact, starting to get excited.

My excitement began yesterday when I suddenly realized the conference is not that far off anymore.  I go through business cards at a rapid rate year round, and knew I would need to order more prior to BlogHer.  I decided to order them from Moo again because they allow me to upload my own photos to use on the cards.  I selected ten beach photos I've taken in recent months and designed my own cards.  (There will be one photo featured on each card, a variety of 10 different "looks" to my cards.)

I like having my own photos on my cards because more and more people are buying my photos now.  It makes for good advertising.  (Moo is not the cheapest place to get cards, but I think it's awesome if you're a photographer!)

I will, also, need to purchase a few other things for BlogHer.

I hate to shop.  I'm not a girly-girl.  

This is where some of you come in.

No, I'm not asking you to go shopping with me (although, that's actually a great idea!)

Instead, I think you're probably a great resource for ideas.

For instance, I know from last year, it would be very helpful to take a lightweight, but big (and strong) handbag with me.  I don't want anything expensive either.  The expensive handbags can stay put in The OC with The OC bitches ladies.  I will want enough room for my wallet, a pocket camera, a flask, a notepad, advil (to counter the effects of the flask), etc.

Yes, I said a flask.

No, I'm not joking.

If any of you have, or know of, handbags that might work I'd love to hear about it.

I'll also need a couple dresses.  I don't wear dresses, but I'll need to for this.  (There are lots and lots of cocktail parties at BlogHer!)  I'm curvy.  I have big boobs with bionic nipples.  I have no idea what design/style of dress works on my body-type.  Do you?  I need something that won't make my boobs look bigger, and also won't make ME look bigger.  (By the way I think EVERY woman at BlogHer wears Spanx or an equivalent.  Do you know how seriously sweaty that will be in NYC in August?)

Lastly, I've been to New York City before, but I don't know New York City.  I've built in some extra time to enjoy the city.

What are the things I HAVE to do while I'm there?

Where should I go?  What should I see?

What are the "must eat at" restaurants?

I have so much to learn and I'm counting on you to help!

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16 Responses to “The Countdown Begins!”

  1. di

    Spanx? New York? August? OMG… are those women nutz? Get a big bag with LOTS of pockets so things don’t get lost at the bottom. One with room for your Spanx in case you feel the need to rid your bod of them.
    I know they are not attractive, but if you can find some halfway decent looking capri pants with those unattractive pockets on the sides… yes, very ugly, but they are great for when just walking around/sightseeing for stashing things in those pockets, like cash, keys, small pocket camera, cell phone, I.D., but you have to forget that you are being sized up by all the other BlogHer Bitches/Attendees too because you KNOW they are checking out your ugly pants and being all judgmental like we women are. Guess that’s why I don’t attend many events where dressing up is required. I prefer comfort and convenience. Wear great walking shoes too while sight seeing.
    I like to carry a smaller sized bag with a long strap that crosses over the chest area and hangs to the side. Great for the same ‘stashing of items’ that the capri pants do. If you carry one of these then you can also put your big guns camera around your neck…. and your hands are free from carrying a large, heavy bag. I think my bag, which I got for Mother’s Day is the Fossil brand. Not cheap, but worth every cent. It came in black, brown or red.
    It’s on this page and called the Sutter Crossbody. I have the brown one and love it so much am tempted to get it in a second color. HIGHLY recommend this bag.
    When events turn into nothing more than a fashion show it’s just so not worth my time.
    Wishing you luck in finding the perfect/comfortable/fashionable NYC BlogHer wardrobe!

  2. Kelly

    Get a dress with a V neckline. Wear a fun, chunky, necklace. It will bring the focus UP from your boobs!

  3. Jan

    Like you I’m not a girlie-girl and have no advice on the bag, but I can tell you to pack your flask in your checked luggage – if you try to take it through security, they WILL confiscate it, full or not. It happened to Beloved and pissed me off – I spent a lot of time looking for that lovely brass-and-leather flask.

  4. Michelle Pixie

    I am so jealous! I wish I were going with you. I am a wallflower in my real life as well so I would need to go with someone who could help peel me off the wall! 😉
    I don’t have any tips for you except to take lots and lots of pictures to share with those of us stuck at home! XXOO

  5. San Diego Momma

    Gotta come back and check out the tips. I plan to be at BlogHer too, and have the SAME EXACT questions as you.
    But here. Check out They have dresses you can customize. (I.E. Extra boob support?)
    Also, I’ve heard good things about Shabby Apple.
    And? I’m bringing a tote. Not incredibly fashionable, but large and in charge.

  6. Tara

    Have you tried My Shape? You enter in your measurements and they show you clothes that fit your body type. I have not tried it myself yet because I am in the process of shedding lbs and I have not wanted to stare down the measuring tape just yet. I have perused their clothes though and they have many of the same items you can find in your local Nordtrom’s, Macy’s etc.

  7. Issa

    You, me, Megan…frozen hot chocolate at Serendipty. That is what I know in this moment. 🙂
    Oh and? I plan on spending way more time in the lobby this year and out doing things. not in sessions.

  8. LPC

    New York has so much. I don’t think there is one set of must-do’s for everyone. For example, what’s your favorite kind of food? Do you like Asian? Maybe some Korean barbecue then. European? Italian…or you love dives? A CubaChinois diner?
    And do you like to shop? But don’t want to spend any money so it’s all windows? In that case, Broome Street, in Soho. But if you want to actually buy, for very little, I believe you can still go to the Lower East Side.
    I’m jealous. I didn’t get tickets to BlogHer and now I wish I had. You go for us, and I will live vicariously.

  9. Cristie

    I want to tell you exactly what to wear so that I can find you in the crowd and force you to have sneak off and share the flask.:)I’ve “hung out” with you here on this blog for so long I can’t believe I might actually meet you in real life. I hope I don’t act all silly like I do when I spot celebs.:)
    Seriously, for fashion there are really cute sundresses ( go for boat neck or tank with chunky necklace.) all over (from Gap to Nordstrom and I suspect every shi shi boutique in OC) now that look great but are casual feeling enough to be comfortable and not require spanx also they “take care of” the boobs (same problem here). As for NYC-there is something perfect to eat on every block and of course there is always Broadway and shopping everywhere too (maybe I’m a wee bit biased!).
    Yay! Prepare to be stalked!:)

  10. vodkamom

    I can’t wait to see you again. You are amazing, kind, wonderful and real. And THIS time- we are going to spend some time together- laughing.

  11. unmitigated me (m.a.w.)

    Spanx in NY in August?? What are you thinking? You don’t need it 24. I thought you looked great last year, and you’ve lost weight since then. Also? You had me fooled. I thought you looked like a social butterfly in Chicago. Neil will be there, right? So you can always find him in a pinch, and have a great conversation…


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