Tote-ly Awesome!

The other day, I mentioned I was on the hunt for a summer tote bag.

I wanted something big enough to make a good travel/airplane/BlogHer bag.  (There's a ton of swag handed out at BlogHer and I wanted a bag big enough to stash some of it in.)

I also wanted it to have enough pockets so the things I need on a moment's notice won't get lost in it – which is often a problem with big bags.  Have you ever hunted around the bottom of a tote for hours minutes on end just trying to find your keys or cell phone?

I wanted it be relatively inexpensive too.  I'll use it a lot this summer, but it will really take a beating (!) with several of the trips I have planned.  I imagine this bag will be trashed by the end of the summer, so why spend a ton of money on it?

I realize the meaning of inexpensive varies by individual, but I live in a place where women routinely drop a couple thousand dollars on a handbag without blinking an eye.

I didn't want to do that.


My oldest son is working for Nordstrom this summer.  I stopped by to say hi to him yesterday.  I found this bag as I walked in the store and made sure he got the commission for selling it to me.  (Might as well keep it in the family, right?)  It comes in a variety of colors, but I picked yellow.  It said "summer" to me and yellow always makes me happy.

Here's a closer look …

There are a total of five smaller pockets inside for easy access to your cell phone, keys, business cards, etc.  You can see some of them in this photo:


There's an exterior zippered pocket on the back too.  The bottom has little metal feet to keep the bag from getting dirty and scuffed up.

It's lightweight which is an important factor for me.  I use my left arm for everything out of necessity and can't carry a purse on my right side.  The lighter the better!

I was so happy to find this bag.  It seems like it will be just perfect for what I need.  

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9 Responses to “Tote-ly Awesome!”

  1. unmitigated me (m.a.w.)

    Love, love, love the color. I have become a fan of the Franklin Planner store for tote-ally cute bags with pockets galore. I get so crabby having to hunt for everything.
    I like the structure of that bag, too, The feet on the bottom, and the square base, so it won’t fall over into a shapeless mass on the floor. They call that size a Shopper, but where I used to work we called them “Shop-Lifters!” Low-rent district…

  2. Kelly

    Cute! I love it and I think yellow is great. I have a yellow purse for summer this year too!

  3. Anne Gibert

    It’s a great bag. My problem would be remembering in which pocket I put my keys (cell phone, pencil, eraser, cough drops, comb, Canadian money, pen, tooth-picks, coupons, ferry ticket, and so on).

  4. Linda at Bar Mitzvahzilla

    Thanks for visiting my blog through our mutual friend, Maureen at Island Roar! I love a big bag for all my junk/stuff. Somehow, since I always seem to buy all the department store makeup specials, I never have to actually BUY one of them since I end up with way too many in my closet. Of course they never have zipper closures or many pockets, but the Lancome bags are very cute! Love yours!

  5. Katie

    “I realize the meaning of inexpensive varies by individual”
    I decided that after 29 years of life, I really should have at least one purse. So I went to the thrift store and got a sweet red leather-esque one for $1.50!


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