Yaaaaay Lakers!

Um, when I was supposed to be writing yesterday, I was at my son's painfully long baseball game.

And then I came home and watched the most edge.of.my.seat basketball final game ever!

Go Lakers!

I love watching basketball and I'm a long time Lakers fan.

I am not, however, a big Kobe fan.  I do realize he's a phenomenal player.

(Sorry – please don't hate me, but I've never quite gotten over the whole RAPE thing.)

**  The hate mail is already coming in, isn't it?  **

Here's some Twenty Four trivia I haven't previously shared:

When I was in high school I kept the stats for the boys basketball team.

I think I originally agreed to do the stats because the coach asked me to and he was very, very, hot.  (Coach Perry – sigh!)

I also played girls basketball for awhile so I knew the game already.

Then one day, as I was keeping stats, a player fell to the floor shrieking.

He was HERE …

But his leg was ……. OVER THERE SOMEWHERE.

He had dislocated his knee and it was an ugly, ugly sight that left an indelible image on my brain.

One of the coaches came over and snapped it back into place and the boy SCREAMED.

**  Shudder  **

After that, I watched the remainder of the season's games with my eyes closed so I'd never risk seeing such a horrible thing again.

The end.

On a happier note, I wanted to show you my pretty, pretty necklace.

I've been into turquoise lately so I made this purchase awhile back:


I think it's both fun and funky.

Come to think of it, that pretty much describes ME, doesn't it?

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10 Responses to “Yaaaaay Lakers!”

  1. Kristen

    I adore that necklace! So pretty! My husband went to the Lakers game tonight and he no longer has a voice from all the screaming he did. Awesome game.

  2. Michelle

    Very pretty.
    And dislocation….ouch. I was at a football (Aust Rules) game when I was younger and a player got a dislocated shoulder. My boyfriend at the time said it would have been kinder to knock him out (I don’t know…by punching him?) to pull it back into place.

  3. NeCole

    Kobe, Tiger, Artest, Ben Roethlisberger…I think we are moving into an era where we as a society are no longer willing to look the other way for the “bad boy behavior” of professional athletes and/or celebrities. I know they are easy targets for sleazy people who want to make a buck, but more often “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”(crap a cliche).

  4. di

    The necklace is awesome… but I’m a truly BIG fan of turquoise… I heart the fact that is goes well with black, brown (love it with your brown shirt!) white, yellow. Someday in fact I would like to own a huge squash blossom. They are gaudy but I don’t give a hoot.. love them anyway.
    (Never got over the rape thing either and how afterwards he gave his wife some flippin’ huge piece of jewelry.. what a jerk)

  5. Fragrant Liar

    Yeah, I’m not a Kobe fan either. I do love the Lakers though. In fact, because my daughter vehemently dislikes them, when the game is on, I don my purple Lakers jacket (even when it’s hot out) just to piss her off (in a friendly fun kind of way).
    I love the necklace. I’ve been off and on over the years about turquoise. Back in the ’70s, it was cool, then it went outta cool, and now turquoise is back!. And yes, you are funky and fun.

  6. Sandi

    GO LAKERS!! GO KOBE!! I am a Kobe Fan. How cute are his babies?
    I also took stats for High School basketball. Best time ever!
    About the dislocation…. I know that look and that scream. Dalin dislocates his elbow at least twice a month. The pain is horrible and the the scream… well, you can probably hear it at your house.
    Happy Friday!

  7. Kelly

    lLove the neckalce! I agree with you re kobe. Our athletes/celebrities may have talent but that doesn’t make them decent human beings.

  8. Jan

    Okay, the dislocated knee thing had me squirming in my seat. Eeeeewwwwwwwww.
    I don’t wear any jewelry except my wedding rings, but that necklace is *gorgeous*.

  9. Pam

    I LOVE the Lakers and have for 30+ years. I’m now living in Utah and they hate the Lakers (because they can’t ever beat them!) I’m so glad they won!
    I love your necklace! Beautiful!!

  10. Kristen

    I like the necklace, but I HATE Kobe. I think he is disgusting, and it makes me not want to watch the Lakers. (when they chant MVP, MVP all I think is “rapist, rapist.”)
    You, however, I like.


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