A Moment in the Spotlight


Yes, that was me you saw on ABC and assorted other news channels over the weekend.  I was interviewed, both on and off camera, by several reporters while attending the Orange County annual Mooning Amtrak event.

There's nothing more meaningful than having your fifteen minutes of fame revolve around the shapeliness (squishiness?) of your ass.

I'll have more for you regarding the event on Monday!

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9 Responses to “A Moment in the Spotlight”

  1. Jason

    I hope we can see the videos too!
    You can tell me all about it, first hand, tomorrow!!!

  2. dogmother

    I tried to find a link to abc news and couldn’t find you! Have you found this online?

  3. Kathy W

    oh wow! I think I started reading your blog just about the time of last year’s event! Awesome!

  4. Mad Woman

    OoooOOOooo You’re all famous and stuff. I love that you got that way for flashing your ass at strangers passing on a train!


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