Call Me Miss Glamour

In a futile attempt to keep my blonde hair from turning pure white in the summer I wear it on top of my head when I swim.  I don't even attempt to make it look nice; I just throw it into a ponytail holder.  I know it looks ridiculous.  (In case I don't know, my kids remind me of that very fact every time they see me like this.)


The sun and the salt water from our pool (and the ocean), are really tough on my hair so I try to keep it out of the water as much as possible.  Don't worry, when I'm not actually in the pool, I don't walk around like this … I promise.

OK, I know you want to go back to admiring my beautiful hair style now ….

Wait ….

Did I just publish a photo of myself in a bathing suit?

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8 Responses to “Call Me Miss Glamour”

  1. Michelle

    And you look gorgeous in it. 🙂
    I’m not mesmerised by your hair, really, I’m not. I’ve had that hairstyle before.

  2. di

    Wow… I don’t see anything wrong with the hair. In fact in the 80’s I wore mine like that to work every day. I left my bathing suit at home though and opted for office wear.

  3. Jason

    It’s a great look on you! And the hair doesn’t look half bad either.


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