Fourth of July

The fourth of July found me in Santa Barbara again this year.

People arrived at the beaches early in the morning to stake out their spots for picnics, barbecues and the evening fireworks show.


Some people even spent the night before camping out.


I SO prefer staying in a hotel across the street vs. in a sleeping bag on damp grass.  (Which is not to say I haven't done my fair share of camping in the past, but this?  Is not camping.  Instead, it's being miserable for 24 hours ahead of a thirty minute firework show.)

Oh wait …

Does this mean I've become an obnoxious OC woman?

Wanting a hotel instead of a tent?

Or maybe I'm just …. smart?

The town filled up with tourists quickly.  I must have walked at least seven miles that day.  I walked the harbor and craft fair first, and then I headed up State Street towards the fourth of July parade.


Have I ever mentioned I hate crowds?


I walked, and walked, and then – I walked some more.

And when I was done, I turned around and walked right back down State Street towards the beach.


The beach areas were even more crowded by the time I arrived back at the harbor.


The bike paths were also crowded and … downright dangerous at times.


I love being outdoors, but I realize not everyone does. 



Walking is good for burning off calories from drinking pitchers of margaritas.

Once evening arrived, we enjoyed an early dinner at Holdren's in celebration of our wedding anniversary.  Next, we returned to the hotel, loaded up some cups of hot chocolate and coffee for the beach, grabbed a beach blanket, and plopped down on an uncrowded area of the beach.


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8 Responses to “Fourth of July”

  1. Jan

    That last photo – just beautiful!
    Happy Belated Anniversary!

  2. di

    Fireworks shot is so nice.
    As for camping. I’ve never, ever liked camping. So much work to pack up all that stuff and haul it anywhere. Camping is for the very young. I’ll take a hotel room any old day.

  3. Sandi

    Love your pictures! I am counting down the days to lunch with you and Jason!

  4. Linda

    OK, the thing I can’t get over are the people in Southern California wearing long pants, jeans & sweaters on the 4th of July! You grabbed hot chocolate & coffee? Dang! I’m moving to Santa Barbara! 😀 Those ocean breezes must be heavenly. Stay cool 24.

  5. Issa

    That last photo is breathtaking.
    Man, I miss the 4th on the beach. Maybe I’ll get there next year.


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