Homeward Bound


I thought you might want to see this photo of the house my daughter spent the last year living in.  Her senior year in college (at UC Santa Barbara) could not have been in a more beautiful spot.  It must have been difficult to move out and return to The OC for the summer.

We're returning from our four day mini-vacation in Santa Barbara this evening.   

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7 Responses to “Homeward Bound”

  1. di

    WOW! And that’s her college home? WOW! What great parents she must have!!

  2. Kristan

    Oh man, that is (a) a gorgeous spot, and (b) a gorgeous shot! I am now going back to bed so I can dream about living there. 😛

  3. Jack

    Reminds me of a million trips to Isla Vista and time spent on DP.

  4. Twenty Four At Heart

    di –
    I wish we could take credit for the house, but it is “student housing” and she worked 4 jobs during college to help pay her expenses.

  5. dogmother

    just one more chance…to go back and do it again

  6. San Diego Momma

    Wow! For real? I am not jealous! I am not jealous! I am not jealous.
    Even though I spent my college years in an 19th-century death trap overrun by mice in the middle of a Milwaukee almost-ghetto.
    (Welcome back.)


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