We have a lot of lizards in Southern California.  They're so common, in fact, I rarely pay any attention to them.  

One lizard hangs out in an old watering can I have in our backyard.  He's lived there for quite some time.

My Golden is obsessed with trying to catch it.

Lizards are very fast.  

My dog is never, ever, going to catch that, or any other, lizard. 

It's kind of nice, however, because hunting for them keeps him happily occupied for hours on end.

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8 Responses to “Hunting”

  1. di

    Great photo and so typical of a doggie on the hunt for a dinosaur. LOL

  2. Jan

    Scooter hunts flies. I don’t think he’s ever caught one, but it doesn’t keep him from trying.

  3. Kristan

    Haha, too cute! Riley doesn’t hunt anything in particular, but he’s good at staring intently out the back patio door. 😛

  4. Mama Bub

    Be glad your dog hasn’t caught one. Ours did the other day, and it was beyond gross. I then had to clean up lizard parts strewn all over the backyard so the three year old wouldn’t play with them.

  5. Jason

    Yes, I was going to say, what a wonderful way to keep him busy. I wonder if I could train Diego to hunt for lizards for hours each day.

  6. Anne Gibert

    My 2 toy poodles, Daisy and Fluffy hunt deer. Lucky for them that they will never catch one.

  7. Poppy

    Great picture! Wish my dogs would find something similar to amuse themselves.


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