I Might Be a Little Flaky

If you've been reading here for any length of time you know I'm friends with some great people at Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery in Huntington and Newport Beach.

And by friends, I mean just that.  I love the people there and unless they're really good at faking it, I think they like me too.  

(Can you imagine, there are people who actually LIKE me?)

Several months ago, the PCPS aesthetician, Pam, offered to let me try some of her services.

I've mentioned before, I'm not very girly.

I don't get facials, I don't really do anything, other than get my hair done every six weeks and throw on some mascara each morning.  I told Pam I wouldn't even know what to try.  She suggested I get a Vitalize Peel.

"A what?" I asked.

Pam went on to explain some stuff I didn't really grasp and then mentioned the peel would make me "flaky" for a few days after I had it.

I've been busy.  Also, I didn't want to be "flaky" for my daughter's graduation or my anniversary weekend.

Yesterday, however, I finally paid a visit to Pam for a complimentary Vitalize Peel.  (Which, by the way, I didn't realize would be complimentary – thank you SO much Pam!)

For those of you who are interested, a Vitalize Peel normally costs $175.

First of all, let me explain the Vitalize Peel is a a simple aesthetician procedure which only takes about 20 minutes.  This is not one of those burn the skin off your face, watch it ooze and scab for a few weeks and then hope your skin grows back procedures.

Because if it was?

I wouldn't have done it.

This is what Pam's "office" looks like.


Pam told me to get comfortable and stepped out of the room for a minute.

Instead, I snooped around and this is what I saw:


Those are the tools of the trade, I suppose.

And no, I don't know what any of that stuff is. 

Pam returned and told me to get ready.  I started getting a little nervous.

What had I gotten myself into this time?


I really can't believe the ugly photos I share of myself sometimes, but there you go!

(And, by the way, I was just goofing around – I was never worried because I knew Pam knows her stuff even if I don't!)

Pam put a solution on my face.  She told me what it was, but I don't remember.  It was Peel Stuff – is that good enough?


It didn't hurt.  She was just wiping a liquid onto my face.  After awhile it started feeling warm-ish.  She handed me a little fan to blow on my face in case I became uncomfortable, but it wasn't bad at all.  

I asked Pam what caused the warmth.

She explained I was experiencing a slow penetration.

You can probably imagine my response to a comment like that? 

Am I the only one?

Or does your mind also immediately jump in the gutter at the thought of a warm, slow, penetration?


I might have shocked Pam with my humor.  (Who ME?)

In fact, Pam might not ever invite me back. 

(But I think she will ….)

A minute or two later I was done.


Now what?

Well, Pam told me in about two days my skin will get a little flaky.  It sounds like it will be sort of like a bad case of dry skin.  She said I won't have sheets of skin peeling off the way you do with a sunburn … just little flakes.  After a few days, the flakiness will stop.

(To be honest, my skin looks awesome right now from the treatment but I haven't started flaking yet.)

What is a Vitalize Peel supposed to do?

Well, it's supposed to help improve your skin's texture and tone.  It increases collagen production.  (Yay for collagen!)  It helps improve acne, hyperpigmentation and melasma.

Does anyone know what melasma is?  Because I don't.

The part I like, however, is the fact it's supposed to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.  I definitely have a few of those.  Also, it works well for all skin types so anybody can have a Vitalize Peel.

I can't wait to see how pretty my skin looks once I'm done being a flake for a few days.  

Will I ever, truly, be done being a flake?

Probably not.

On the other hand, if you want a fun skin treatment you should give Pam a call at the Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery.  She's got all sorts of tricks to make you more beautiful.  Pam made my experience a lot of fun and she really knows her stuff.

Thank you Pam!


© Twenty Four At Heart

8 Responses to “I Might Be a Little Flaky”

  1. Jan

    I like you – but I’m more than a little flaky (without any help, too).

  2. WebSavvyMom

    –>I’d love to know what you think about it in another week or two.
    Also, I thought THE SAME THING as you did about the penetration so Get Off My Wave!

  3. Jason

    Well, your skin had better not be flaky for our date next week.

  4. Kelly

    Personally, I always like a warm slow penetration myself!

  5. DuchessOmnium

    The before picture is definitely a bit dodgy, but the after picture is very fetching and a good ad. Was it the slow penetration that made you smile so much and prompted the thumbs up?

  6. Pam

    Haha! That’s exactly where my mind went! 🙂 What fun to have that pampering!


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