How Clean is YOUR Dirt?

I was behind a dump truck, stuck in traffic, on my way through Los Angeles the other day.


Maybe I needed a little stress relief. 

Maybe I was just bored. 

Maybe I have a weird sense of humor?

For whatever reason, this really made me smile ….

© Twenty Four At Heart

5 Responses to “How Clean is YOUR Dirt?”

  1. Anne Gibert

    I admire you for keeping a camera with you at all times so as not to miss anything or get bored in a traffic jam.

  2. Jason

    What can you do with clean dirt that you can’t do with dirty dirt?

  3. Amy in StL

    After seeing some of the stuff that is used to fill in building sites; I don’t even stop to think twice when I see this anymore. Clean dirt is usually just soil; no construction debris, no chemical spills, no rebar or tires or other weirdness. While sometimes these items are used as fill; in certain circumstances laws or regulations may prohibit using something other than clean dirt as fill.


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