Prepping for the 4th

I'm headed out of town for a few days to celebrate the 4th of July.  Briefcase and I got married on the 4th.  In hindsight, it really wasn't a very good idea.  Every year, except for our first anniversary, we've spent the 4th doing traditional family activities.  We never, ever, celebrate our anniversary on our anniversary … and most of the time we end up not celebrating it at all.


Because …

Fireworks!  Kids!  Picnics!

All the traditional celebrations overshadow our anniversary.  Before we know it, a few weeks have passed and it's Briefcase's birthday.  By that time, we've both given up on any type of anniversary celebration.

Several months ago, I booked a couple rooms in Santa Barbara for the holiday.  I always love Santa Barbara, but especially for the 4th of July.  We usually stay in a hotel directly across from the beach.  At night, we walk across the street, spread a blanket to sit on, and watch an amazing fireworks show over the ocean.  When it's over, we walk back across the street to our hotel … 

No traffic, no worries ….

Santa Barbara is a very casual town which is perfect for someone like me.

This is pretty much all I need to pack:

1.  Bathing Suit

2.  Small bag of sundries

3.  Shorts

4.  T-shirts

5.  One pair of jeans in case the beach fog rolls in

6.  Sweatshirt

7.  Flip Flops

8.  Beach Blanket

I'll probably write a few light posts while I'm gone, but if I miss a day you'll know why.

I imagine many of you will be busy with your own holiday celebrations.

Speaking of, do you have a fourth of July tradition?

What will you be doing to celebrate?

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5 Responses to “Prepping for the 4th”

  1. Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels

    You just need to behave like the fireworks and picnics are in your honor, and there’s your celebration 😉
    Add a romantic dinner and a little gift and there you have it. Or a weekend away … wait, you are already doing that 🙂 brilliant idea! have a wonderful, wonderful anniversary!

  2. Deidre

    Oh twenty four, your 4th sounds lovely!
    The family tradition is to go my families cape cod house and watch the fireworks and a big meal where inevitable someone I’ve never seen before stops by claiming my grandmother is their oldest friend.
    This is the first year in…ever…that I haven’t been with my parents for the 4th of July and only the second year I can remember not being at the Cape!

  3. Maureen@IslandRoar

    Santa Barbara sounds so incredible; I love experiencing it vicariously thru you! We’ll probably do the beach and a barbecue and maybe fireworks at the beach at night. I’m thinking S’mores…

  4. Pseudo

    You should link this post up to Mr Linky on my blog today. Great travel post.
    One of my close friends from Hawaii settled in Ventura – just North of Ventura on the coast there. We were there 2007 and celebrated the 4th with her. All the folks in her neighborhood pitched in for their own barge which pumped fireworks in the sky for a great show.

  5. Joanne

    Suz….. I need your (ahem) expert opinion. Would you please give me your input on my post today???


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