The 60-40 Club

If there are typos in today's post, please forgive me.  I'm capable of making them any time, but the odds definitely go up when I write while on pain meds.

I've been sitting on this story for a couple weeks and I just knew you would love to read it so I'm going to try to type through pain-med-fog.

I had coffee a couple weeks ago with a long time friend.  Let's call my friend Brian.  (I don't want to use his real name on 24.)  Brian is in his early forties and he lives in Newport Beach.  Brian is very wealthy, but this is Orange County and let's face it – there are always people here who are even richer than the rich.  Brian has worked hard for his money and he's a good guy, although I suppose he does sometimes lose sight of the reality that not everyone lives the lifestyle he does.

For instance, I don't.

Anyway, Brian and I were sitting in a Newport Beach Starbucks when he asked me if I'd been to Popular Restaurant which is in Corona Del Mar (an area of Newport Beach).  I mentioned I had been there, but not in the last year or so.  

Next, Brian asked me if I had heard of the "60-40 Club."

"No …?" I replied.

Brian snickered.

Brian went on to explain there's a club made up of very wealthy, Newport Beach women who are sixty years old (and up) and forty-something men.  The women are primarily rich divorcees, but there might be a widow or two mixed in.  To be honest, for all I know some of the women might actually be married.

The women hangout at Popular Restaurant on a certain night each week.  The forty year old men in the club are there to enjoy the financial benefits of having sex with a rich woman.  The women pick the men to sleep with (very little sleeping involved), and the men get treated very well financially.

How did my friend Brian know about the club?

He was at Popular Restaurant one night waiting for a friend when one of the women tried to recruit him to the 60-40 club.  

Brian is happily married, but he doesn't wear a wedding ring due to the line of work he's in.  Brian is also an attractive man.  Apparently, Brian looked like a prime 60-40 Club candidate to Ms. Cougar.

What would we think if it were 60 year old wealthy men offering 40 year old women to be spoiled financially in return for sexual favors?

Oh wait, that happens all the time in Money Town, except the 60 year old men are usually more interested in 20-30 year old women.

So what do you think?



Or maybe you already have a 60-40 Club where you live?

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15 Responses to “The 60-40 Club”

  1. Jan

    I was going to say that there are laws against that sort of thing, but I do understand (I think) that the rules are slightly different in Money Town – I guess it’s not prostitution if it’s a “club.”
    If there’s anything offensive about it, it’s the idea that an older woman is only desirable if she has money, but I think it’s silly more than anything else.

  2. di

    Just wondering if AIDS testing is done prior to the act. Hmmm, otherwise I don’t care who sleeps with who or their age difference or if anyone is getting paid. Prostitution should be legalized, even if those involved want to call it a ‘club’.

  3. Kelly

    Both humorous AND pathetic! Too much time and money on their hands! The men are basically gigolos. I wonder if they stay with each woman for more than one night?

  4. Tami

    This might be the next reality tv show to come out of orange county?

  5. Kati

    When I’m 60+ I want a 40 year old man!
    Who can blame them?

  6. Jack

    I think that 40+ year old men are the sexiest and most interesting on the planet, but I am kind of biased. 😉

  7. Jason

    I think I am going to become a member of the 60-40 club just to supplement my income. Sounds like a good arrangement to me! And I’m at the perfect age.

  8. Anne Gibert

    I was going to pick pathetic, but after I read Jan’s comment I think I prefer silly.
    I once had a lover 13 years younger than myself, and a couple considerably older — can’t remember exactly how many years. But I think it works best to have a partner the same age. You have the same cultural memories and you understand each others difficulties.
    And I think it’s sad to have to pay for sex.

  9. Rocky

    Sounds like I’m screwed being only 49 and only a moderately wealthy divorcee who won’t pay for sex. Wait. I’m not screwed. Damn.

  10. The Queen of Chaos

    Honestly, it’s their business, not mine. I’m betting this is the much milder form of what “clubs” and “activities” go on in the OC, simply based on things I know that happen in other areas.

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