The Benefits of a Big City

In downtown Los Angeles there's a jewelry district.

No, I haven't visited it in years.  

I tend to like sparkly things.  Its much better for me to stay away from all the trinkets I might be tempted to buy there.

But …


I have a friend who goes up to the L.A. jewelry district frequently.  She has a little boutique and she finds interesting pieces to offer in her shop.  She's able to buy everything wholesale because she has a resale license.

She bought me these two matching bracelets and gave them to me yesterday.

I wore them stacked together and I won't lie, I love them.

As in . . . a person shouldn't love material things, but they look really cute on, and I love them. 

It almost makes me want to open a boutique just so I have an excuse to go shopping in the jewelry district. 

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10 Responses to “The Benefits of a Big City”

  1. di

    She obviously has great taste in jewelry and in friends. :-))

  2. Jan

    Ooooooo – purty! And I don’t usually care for bracelets.

  3. Jason

    My favorite district is the garment district and Santee Alley. That place is even better than The Grove for people watching! Such a lively place.
    Beautiful bracelets!

  4. Kelly

    I like! Is it turquoise, pearl, silver, and blue topaz? It looks like maybe that’s what you’ve got as your new trinket! very pretty!

  5. kathygee1

    SO cute! I always think of gold and diamonds, when I think of the jewelry district. Hmmmmm, I think I need to take a trip over there!

  6. DuchessOmnium

    They are really lovely!
    And sometimes 24 year olds do well to draw attention to their slim wrists and slender forearms — which seem to be one of the few body parts that don’t change with age…
    You have a good and talented friend.

  7. SuzQ

    Does she sell them online because I love them. I need them! 🙂


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