The Grove, Los Angeles

South Orange County is a little "bubble" and everyone who lives here knows it.  Sometimes it's a nice bubble, and sometimes it's not.  Nonetheless, it isn't much like the real world and I'm very aware of that.

Driving up to L.A. is, therefore, a big deal even though it's only an hour or so away.  Well, it should be about an hour away but when you drive into L.A. County you are immediately confronted with horrible traffic.


All that bumper to bumper traffic is why, my friend Sandi (Lucky Thirteen and Counting) and I found ourselves about a half hour late yesterday when we drove up to L.A. to meet our friend Jason (The Jason Show) for lunch.

Do you read their blogs?

If not, you really should because they both are just amazing people.

We were meeting at The Grove, in Los Angeles. 


The Grove is an outdoor, swanky, mall.  We have outdoor, swanky, malls in Orange County also, but The Grove has a definite charm to it.  For instance, the fountain puts on a "show" choreographed to music.  It reminded me of the Bellagio in Las Vegas, except on a much smaller scale.


We had lunch at The Farm of Beverly Hills which is a cute little cafe.  Then we spent some time walking around.

Here's a photo a nice stranger took for us:


Aren't Jason and Sandi adorable?

I just want to squeeze them both to death.

Well, not to death – but you know what I mean.  

I might have gently squeezed one of Sandi's boobs but that's just because it's a brand new boob and who doesn't love boobs?  (She didn't mind.)

We also walked around The Farmer's Market a little.  I was disappointed.  Apparently The Farmer's Market used to be a "real" Farmer's Market, but now it's mainly just a big food court with a lot of different ethnic foods to choose from. 

Our time together went way too quickly and it wasn't long until Sandi and I were headed back to Orange County.  We might have gotten a little lost but it was totally Sandi's GPS's fault and not mine. 


For awhile we were lost in a Spanish speaking part of L.A.


Next, we were lost in a Chinese Korean speaking area of L.A. 


Not long after that, we were lost in an area with a strong Central American influence.


Eventually, however, Sandi's GPS system got us home.  

Sandi dropped me back at my house and departed with a hug and a wave.  

I walked inside, dropped my purse in the house and walked out on my patio.


It was a great day, with the greatest of people, but still – there's nothing quite like …

Home sweet home.

© Twenty Four At Heart 

17 Responses to “The Grove, Los Angeles”

  1. Karen

    Is that your view? How awesome! And you all look great… very California. We still have the old fashioned farmers markets around here and I do love them.

  2. gina

    i went to the grove last summer & i loved it 🙂 i can’t wait to live there so i can go more often.
    im so jealous that you have such an amazing view from your home

  3. Michelle

    Well, I’m back after having gotten lost on Sandi’s blog for a while there.
    It is always good to be home, no matter how much fun you have away.

  4. WebSavvyMom

    –>Sounds like a fantastic time (except for the traffic).
    Sandi’s green top is SUPER cute. I wonder if they make it in adult sizes? 😉

  5. Jason

    Sorry you got stuck in traffic, and got lost!
    I want to squeeze you to death, too.

  6. Kelly

    What fun! I’ve been to the grove before – love it!

  7. PT

    Nightmare traffic pic, but something all too common on 405 any time of day.
    Sounds like a good day, nonetheless.
    Also, the sign in pic #6 is Korean, not Chinese.

  8. San Diego Momma

    I love getting together with my bloggy friends!
    Sounds like a super fun fab coolio day.
    I’m headed to LA on Friday and must thank you for the sneak peek at that traffic.

  9. Jane

    Love the picture of the three of you. I read Sandi’s blog, too, and now need to take a look at Jason’s!

  10. Tami

    I love that photo of all 3 of you too. You’re so pretty!

  11. Jack

    Actually that Center Bank is in Korea Town, at least if I recognize the building and I am pretty sure that I do. Used to work down there.
    Farmer’s Market is a special place to many of us LA natives. It was different before the Grove came in, just filled with all sorts of cool little places and quirky people.
    And for sure I recognize the 405- spent way too many years doing that drive. Good times. But it sounds like you all had a great time at lunch and that is very cool.

  12. jennster

    all these pics made me so homesick.. and i love that her boobs are new cause i was going to say they were fabulous looking!!!!! and i love jason! is he amazing in person?!?!!


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