A Rare Sighting

About once each summer, a tropical storm will blow north from Mexico to Southern California.  When it does, we get really hot temperatures, humidity (which is uncommon in our desert-like climate), and once in a great while, rain.

I know a lot of you get storms frequently in the summer, but we don't.  It's a big deal when any type of storm comes our way.  This week, we've seen temperatures over 100F/38C every day.  Some areas of Southern California have also seen thunder storms, rain, etc.  

So far, here in Orange County, we haven't had any rain but this was the view from my backyard yesterday afternoon.


A thunder cloud!

Are you laughing at me?  

You probably are but, trust me a thunder cloud is very unusual for The OC.

I thought the clouds were very majestic and powerful looking, even though they failed to deliver any rain.

A little while later I took a closer shot as the cloud changed shape.


Did you look closely?


Wait …

How old am I?  

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13 Responses to “A Rare Sighting”

  1. Lynda M Otvos

    “Wait …
    How old am I?”
    twenty four at heart i have heard =;-)

  2. Jack

    You must not have seen the news- they had an explosion at a Botox factory. This was the source of those crazy clouds.

  3. Joanne

    In Florida we see those almost every day in the summer. I have, and LOTS of folks here do, spend a lot of time finding cloud pictures. One of my Fl blogger friends used to post a weekly photo and invite readers to find the pictures in the clouds. It was fun . I am always looking up!

  4. Jan

    You had me going “Oooooooo!” with the first shot, and giggling with the last.
    You’re about my age. And I love you.

  5. Linda

    I used to laugh when Californians marveled at clouds until my brother moved out there and explained that y’all just don’t have Weather! Growing up in the Midwest I’ve seen my share of clouds & storms but I still stop and wonder at them. Maybe I’m getting old.

  6. di

    Ha ha ha…. I see faces in the clouds all the time… oh wait… no… I see dead people… LOL
    Used to see fabulous thunder heads like that in Arizona. *makes mental note to pull photo from dark and dusty photo archives*

  7. Siren

    Cool cloud face!
    And, um, am I the only one who also sees a little gaping-mouthed Orphan-Annie-looking face off to the lower right?

  8. Michelle Pixie

    Summer thunder storms are the best! Great captures and that last one well I didn’t see the face until after you pointed it out and now if I go back and look at it without your drawing I am a little scared. 😉

  9. DuchessOmnium

    I spent one summer in LA, years ago. One afternoon in late August there were 3 or 4 drops of rain — and I realised those were the first drops I had felt in a couple of months. It was very strange.

  10. Jason

    I saw a few of these this last week up in this area, and every time I saw one I was certain that it was a plume of smoke. I was pleasantly wrong!


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