Boston: First Impressions

I spent most of Saturday traveling to Boston.  It made for a very long day.  I arrived, however, in time to have some infamous New England clam chowder for dinner. 

It was good (!), by the way.

I've never been to Boston before, so I thought I'd share some of my initial thoughts with you now that I've had some time to explore.  Also, I'd like to thank so many of you who gave me (via email and/or Twitter) tips on making the most of my Boston trip.  I've been getting Boston tips for weeks now.  Honestly, I have the greatest group of Internet friends!

First of all, Boston itself is a very beautiful city.  Here's a photo of the Back Bay area.  I'm staying somewhere back amidst those buildings.  (And no – I can't be more specific because the city is still a confusing maze to me.)  All I know is, I'm not too far from the two tallest buildings on the right side of this photo. 


I'm visiting at a time when the city is having perfect weather.  I hate being cold and probably wouldn't enjoy Boston nearly as much in winter.  Right now, however, it's spectacular.

Second observation, they really like brick here.  It's everywhere (and very charming).

Third, it's immediately apparent there's mass confusion in this city about the letter R.  The letter, for the most part doesn't exist.  It's a silent letter R.  Car is pronounced caw.  Chowder is chowda.  

Unless, of course, there's no letter R in a word … and then it's added for no reason at all.

Whose idear was this R mutation anyway?

It took me a good half hour to figure out a man meant Arlington Street when he gave me directions to Awwinton.  So confusing!

One of the first things I did was go on a Duck tour.  The "ducks" drive on land, but also drive in water.  They're amphibious vehicles.  It makes for a fun land/Charles River tour.

Duck The duck tour gave me a nice overview of the city before I began walking around exploring on my own.

And um, exploring on my own …?

Might have resulted in getting really, really, lost. 

I thought I was headed to the Back Bay and I ended up lost in Charlestown – for hours.  The two places are in total, complete, opposite directions.  There are no taxis in Charlestown on Sunday afternoons.  Just in case you were wondering.

But I'll save that vacation-gone-awry story for later.

Have I ever mentioned I have absolutely no sense of direction?

Um, yeah ….

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12 Responses to “Boston: First Impressions”

  1. unmitigated me (m.a.w.)

    Boston is one of my favorite places, and I have been there a few times. We have several friends who did grad school at Hahvahd. My favorite thing about the city is the T! Be sure and make use of the train system, as it’s safe, clean, and cheap. If I lived in Boston, I wouldn’t even bother with a car. Be sure to check out Cambridge and there’s an incredible waterfront restaurant called No Name. Right up your alley, 24. It’s at 15 Fish Pier Street, and the T takes you fairly close. It’s not far from the Inst. of Contemporary Art.

  2. Jan

    Boston is one of my favorite cities as well. Having said that, Beloved took me there for the first time over 10 years ago and driving in the city was a terrifying experience (it’s my understanding that people *living* in Boston can get confused trying to find their way around). He kept telling me “Keep your eye out for such-and-such!!” And I kept answering “But then I’ll have to open my eyes!!!”
    Don’t forget to eat at Legal Seafood while you’re there. Om nom nom nom nom…

  3. mel

    I’m glad you are enjoying your time. Funny, I’ve live here all my life and I swear I can say Arlington Street. LOL.
    It sounds so funny to hear you say you got lost in Charlestown for hours because living there, it feels so tiny.

  4. Linda

    “Have I ever mentioned I have absolutely no sense of direction?” iPhone has an ap for that:) So glad the weather is nice. I’ve never been to Boston. It’s on my list.

  5. Michele P

    Yay, welcome to Boston! I’ve lived her my entire life and still get lost in Cambridge. Embarrassing but true. Enjoy your trip! Definitely check out the shops in the South End. Lots of great design/decorating shops.

  6. Shari

    Isn’t it odd that there are more Dunkin Donut shops than there are Starbuck’s or for that matter, more than there are people in Boston?

  7. di

    Looks like fun. How long will you be playing there in Boston?

  8. BusyDad

    I’m so glad your first impression is a good one. The Boston skyline is among the most beautiful in the world. Ok, so I’m biased being a Boston native, but still. It’s got to be up there! Or should I say “up thea”

  9. Anali

    So glad you’re liking it here! Welcome to the Bay State!
    The dropped Rs might be the last vestiges of a British accent. When we say aunt, it doesn’t sound like ant. Oh and some people add Rs where there are none. I didn’t notice that oddity until I was in my 20’s and someone called me Liser. I did not like it one bit. Have a great time!

  10. Rob

    I’m glad you enjoyed the Ducks. It’s a unique vehicle with a fascinating history. Here in Wisconsin there are two or three outfits that use ducks to tour the scenic features of the Wisconsin River and Wisconsin Dells. Did you know that the ducks are 60-70 years old?


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