California – Here I Come!

I'm headed back across the country today.  I won't arrive back to The OC until fairly late tonight.

I hate traveling.

I hate traveling all the way across the country even more.  It makes for a very long-ass day and a lot of exhaustion.  Making today's trip even worse, I seem to have come down with my son's stomach/fever bug last night … just in time for the trip home.  Is there anything worse than being sick and having to stand in lines at airports, or sit squished like a sardine on a plane?



I've had a great trip to New York.


I have forty bazillion photos to go through when I get home.  I have so many stories, events, sights to share with you.  It will probably be Wednesday before you see what I consider a "normal" post from me.  In the meantime, I'll be filling in with some New York photos with a little drivel on the side. 

I hope you'll be patient.

Have I mentioned my feet hurt even when I'm not on them?  I haven't stopped walking in days.

Also, can you believe I've had to act like a girl sometimes while I was here?  I couldn't wear my usual jeans, tee-shirts and flip flops every moment of the day.  (I did sneak them in a lot though!)

At one point, I had to return to my room for a boobage adjustment.  My daughter snapped this rare photo of me in a dress.  I just HAD to share, because I never, ever, wear dresses. 



Proof I really AM a woman!

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16 Responses to “California – Here I Come!”

  1. Tracy D

    Yes there is something worse.. try being on your period.. day one.. unexpectedly.. when travelling half way around the world. Umm been there .. done that LOL! You look great in the dress 🙂 and it sounds like you had a fantastic time! Ps.. hope you feel better soon!!

  2. di

    *giving the hex sign to your flu to GO AWAY*
    Now, about that dress… hommina hommina… yoooo look fabulous! Size 4 I presume? Great color on you too, Suzanne. Glad you had fun on your trip and can’t wait to hear more.

  3. Jan

    Oh, good – I’m not the only one who got sick at the tail-end of vacation (*cough, hack*).
    As for you being a bona fine woman – you’re a damn fine one, too!
    I’m so glad to be back…

  4. WebSavvyMom

    –>You look great! This dress doesn’t appear to have a fly up around your earlobes possibility either. 😉


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