Getting Ready

I can't even fake it – I'm busy, busy, busy getting my act together to go out of town.  

I ended up caving in and using the BlogHer conference as an excuse to shop just like a zillion other women do every year.  I wasn't planning to, but I've lost some weight over the last few months and as I pulled stuff out of my closet, nothing fit.

I picked up some skinny jeans (even though I'm NOT skinny), a few cute tops, a pair of flats, and a few much needed dresses for all the parties and events I'll be going to.

I haven't even departed for the conference yet, and this year is already a much different experience than last year.  The PR/marketing folks are out in droves with all sorts of invitations and offers.  It's flattering and overwhelming at the same time.

Ming Wang was even kind enough to gift me with an outfit for BlogHer.  I haven't had a chance to take a photo in it yet, but here's a pic with their model wearing MY outfit.


They were kind enough to send me both the jacket and pants.  I will be supplying my own top – and I have yet to pick which one I'll wear.

I guess I'll have to pick a color that will look good with my purple hair.

Any suggestions?

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9 Responses to “Getting Ready”

  1. Michelle

    I’m thinking the top in the picture would be a great match for your hair. But if you don’t want that much purple …… nah, I’d stick with purple.

  2. Joanne

    I tried to track your troll, and in the custom of mental midget troll comment snipers, she either used a fake blog/name, or just plain old lied. Trolls always make me want to see what profundity is coming from their blogs

  3. Michelle Pixie

    Oh how I wish I were going!! I was thinking purple but then thought maybe that was too matchy-matchy so maybe white would look nice or yellow? I am sure you will look fantastic whatever you wear! 😉

  4. Kati

    How awesome that you were given free clothes! Fun!

  5. missy

    I’m afraid a purple top might be too much. I like the idea of white but I’m not sure if that’s too safe. How about pink? That’s a very flattering color to the face and your hair color would still show.

  6. vodkamom

    let’s add your pants to my top and we’re a SET.

  7. Linda

    You will look great in that outfit! Have an awesome time at Blogher. Safe travels 24.

  8. Poppy

    Have a blast! I would go with white, let your hair do the talkin’ 🙂


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