My Favorite NYC Photo

On Saturday, fourteen of us cabbed to John's Pizzeria for the most incredible New York pizza.  I'm still having visions of pizza dancing in my head.  (My visions might make me drool just a little bit, but I didn't just say type admit that.)

On the way to John's, I sat up front with the cabbie.

He scared me.

At first.

And then?

He didn't.

His initial gruffness turned to cautious friendliness, followed by outright delight.

His name is Spiro. 

This photo of Spiro is my favorite photo out of the zillions I took during my six days in NYC.

Everything about it says "New York" to me.

Thank you Spiro, so much, for allowing me to photograph you!

© Twenty Four At Heart

16 Responses to “My Favorite NYC Photo”

  1. dogmother

    OMG…that is a great photo and I totally get why it’s your favorite! By the way, I loved the pink dress. You looked spectacular.

  2. Donna in VA

    I totally love his face. You can see the gruffness, but you can also see a tremendous softness too. He looks like a sweet man. Just don’t tell Spiro I said that. It might ruin his rep.

  3. di

    He looks like a honey bun. As long as you didn’t flash him I’m sure he would be harmless.
    (you didn’t flash him….. right?)

  4. Joanne

    Spiro!!! well of course he is nice, he is GREEK!!! (me too, could ya tell?)

  5. Kelly

    Love it! You’re right it’s very New York and the lighting is awesome!

  6. hippo brigade

    How fun! I want to go to New York with a bunch of crazy bloggers too! I guess I missed it this year… there’s always next year.

  7. Nakeva

    That’s a great photo memory and I know the pizza was awesome! Good seeing you this weekend. You are awesome in person 🙂


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