New York City’s Finest

I'm not in Orange County anymore.

And there really is no place in the world like New York City.


At least he has an okay body …

I mean, it could be worse.

(And now I can say I've seen an almost-naked Naked Cowboy.)

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8 Responses to “New York City’s Finest”

  1. Karen

    Yes, he’s been around for a long time, not bad, huh?… He’s also got competition now and he’s sueing… Naked Cowgirl.
    If you’re in the Times Square area, you MUST eat at Ruby Foo’s… AWESOME.

  2. sandra

    That almost naked cowboy makes alot of jack doing the cowboy thing. He also works out about 2 hours a day to have that rocking body.

  3. di

    Looks like a VERY well thought out costume. Hee hee. Twwaaangg!

  4. dogmother

    There must be more than one Naked Cowboy…I saw him several years ago in NYC and the one I saw had a nicer butt.

  5. Jess

    I can barely breathe reading this post, or should I say looking at this post, with Nugget on my lap…pointing and saying “Daddy!”
    I’m hear to clarify, Husfriend looks nothing like The Naked Cowboy. ‘Cept I wouldn’t be all that mad if he did. ;D


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