New York, New York!

In addition to the blogging conference last week, I also had the opportunity to enjoy New York City a little too.  I've been to NYC before, but this time was a little different.

It was August ….

The weather was, at times, unbearable with its heat and humidity.

I love New York, though … regardless in spite of the weather.

One of my friends captured my photo, in my most natural state, and it accurately reflects how I look a great deal of the time.


So what was I clicking the shutter at while in New York?

The New York City skyline as seen from the top of the Rockefeller Center.

Oh, and I was also capturing people – individually, and in groups.

There were a lot of people in Times Square, and everywhere else too.  Honestly, I love people watching more than just about anything else.

I spent a morning at MOMA where I admired art by Picasso and Matisse.

And sculptures of naked women …

Why are the women always naked?

I went to the biggest (and in my opinion, the best) photography store in the world.

I bought a new diffuser for my flash and the most fantastic camera strap ever invented.  (More about the camera strap later.)  The new strap will make photography much (!) more manageable for me with my bum arm.

I love B & H Photo.

There were also big, loud, noisy, joyful parades.

This particular parade was in celebration of Dominican Republic Day.

I meandered through Central Park a few times.

I wish I'd had more time for *just* photography.  Instead, I was snapping photos on the run everywhere I went.

I even took photos of buildings.

I love this one especially.


Can you see the clouds reflected on the buildings?

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12 Responses to “New York, New York!”

  1. unmitigated me (m.a.w.)

    Love your POV, as always. I would love a photo Friday on taking pictures of people. I can do big groups pretty well, but 1 or 2 seems to be beyond me. I was wondering if there was some kind of strap/brace to help you with those big lenses!

  2. Karen

    The city is a haven for a photographer… you don’t have to walk ten feet and there are 50 things you can take a picture of.. Great captures!

  3. di

    I’m curious to hear more about the strap.
    Great photos. I think a person would have to spend a couple of weeks there in order to get some of the photos they really want and not have to run from place to place. September or possibly October, when the skies are a clear, crisp blue.

  4. Jan

    I, too, am curious about the strap! And as always, I am in awe of your photography talent – you did all of this “on the run”??
    I’ve got photos up today, too – of the desert in Nevada. But your photos make me realize I’ve got some good ones of Chicago, from our overnight stay there, that I haven’t done anything with yet. Hmmmmm…

  5. jill

    Oh you went to B&H photo …. I love them! Gorgeous photos – now that’s a way to spend time in NYC.

  6. Tami

    Love your photos – so much! The clouds on those buildings are amazing!

  7. Jane

    I love the photos, especially the last one. Would you tell us more about the camera strap and maybe post a picture? Glad you had fun and hope the new pain meds work!

  8. Irish Gumbo

    I wish B & H was near my house…but then I probably would be broke! Nice pics. That last one? By golly, the archigeek in me said “Holy smoke!” That’s the famous Lever House building, by SOM whiz Gordon Bunshaft. One of the first (if not thefirst) uses of modern curtain wall in the US, and a real icon.
    Okay, I’ll shut up now. 🙂


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