The Conference: BlogHer ’10

I've been asked a few questions about the BlogHer conference by some of my non-blogging readers.  I thought I'd try to answer those questions and give you a recap of the conference all wrapped together in one post. 

Sounds easy, doesn't it?

(Except … I'm on new pain meds as I write this, the room is all swirly and whirly, so … um, maybe not so easy.)

There are somewhere around 55 million blogs in existence.  About 2,400 bloggers met in NYC for the BlogHer 2010 conference.  

Wow, don't I sound so official, and professional, sharing that with you?

People attend BlogHer for different reasons.  Some people are at the conference to get as much free stuff (swag) from the sponsors as possible.  

Did you know, SWAG stands for Stuff We All Get?

And yes, I was given an awful lot of free stuff at the conference.  

[The above photo is just a small portion of the swag I was given while at BlogHer.]

Some people participate in BlogHer because they want to gain a sense of self-importance (As an example, Mr. Ego Blogger might say: "I was invited to TEN parties in ONE night, I must be a Very Important Blogger!).  

Other people don't care about the conference at all and only attend as an excuse for a party, getaway, weekend.  

Still others, are determined to make a lot of money from their blog and see the BlogHer conference as a step towards monetization.

My point is, there is no right or wrong reason for attending BlogHer.

The conference exists, and each person attending it can take from it what they want.  

For me, the joy comes from spending time with other bloggers.  BlogHer is an opportunity to reunite with blogger-friends I wouldn't otherwise have much opportunity to see. 


[Momo Fali]

[Margaret and Neil]

It's also a chance to meet friends I've "known" online, but not yet met in person. 


[The Bloggess]

In addition, each year I make brand new friends – people I knew nothing about when I set off for the conference. 

[John and Di]



[Pillsbury Doughboy]

These new friends are like unexpected nuggets of gold (or dough?), discovered in the crowd.

This was my second year attending BlogHer, and because of that I was a little more relaxed about the experience.  Doing every.single.thing, and attending, was not important to me.  I did a LOT, but I paced myself so it was enjoyable.  I'm an introvert and scheduling down time, and small-group time, was critical for me.  

Really, what I enjoy most at BlogHer is one-on-one, or small group, time vs. the large parties.  For me, that's when the personal connections happen and the personal connections are what I love about the conference.

Was there drama at BlogHer?

Probably – after all, there were 2,400 people there.  The thing is, I wasn't aware of it and therefore it didn't exist as part of my BlogHer experience.

Were there some bitchy bloggers there?

Well, yes there were.  Or should I say, I encountered a few bloggers who were bitchy to me?  Based on my experience with these very same people online, I expected them to be quite nice.  They weren't.  I didn't let it faze me.  If you put 2,400 people together at a conference, you're not going to like all of them and all of them are not going to like you.  I didn't give it more than a seconds thought and I moved on to other people.

And guess what?

There were a few bloggers I *expected* to be aloof and they were actually warm, wonderful, people.

One of my favorite sessions at the conference was on Humor Writing.  Jessica Bern was one of the speakers.  I enjoyed it immensely.  However, it was even better to spend an hour sitting on the floor, in my party dress, outside of the Sparklecorn party chatting away to Jessica and Stacey (Any Mommy) one-on-one.

One of my favorite "small-group" opportunities was lunch at a pizzeria on Saturday.


Or taken from the other end of the table:


In the end, the BlogHer conference is whatever you choose to make of it.  I took it minute by minute, stayed flexible with my plans, and had a fantastic time.

Because …

Isn't it true …  

Ultimately, each of us is responsible for whether or not we have a good time no matter what we're doing?


By the way, next year's conference will be held in San Diego.  I'm so excited!

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21 Responses to “The Conference: BlogHer ’10”

  1. di

    Hats on the heads. Now there’s some extroverts. hee hee. Thanks for sharing a bit about your NY BlogHer experience. The Pizzeria lunch looks like fun!

  2. Karen

    It’s amazing, what the blogworld has done for so many, how it connects people in so many ways. What a great experience!…
    I tried joining BlogHer several times, and always get the automated message that they are not currently looking for new blogs. Is there any secret to joining?

  3. Jack

    It might be worth a road trip to head down to San Diego. I’ll promote myself as the greatest blogger never read, but that is not important now.
    Sounds like you had a great time and that is pretty cool.

  4. WebSavvyMom

    –>Love the pictures and you were hanging out with all the people I would love to meet – – Debbie, Neil, Jenny, Diane and you! So glad you had fun.

  5. Scary Mommy

    I loved seeing you again– next year, I’m sitting at your end of the table. And, yes, that pizza was soooooooo goooood!!!

  6. anymommy

    That impromptu floor party was a highlight for me too. I loved meeting you. There were a few people who stood out and got right into my heart and you were one of them. Thank you! Can’t wait to see you next year.

  7. missy

    I looked at the pizzeria table and wondered how are they going to split the bill? You know how horrible a group of gals can be with a tab! At least it was only pizza!

  8. Nancy @ The Wife of a Dairyman

    I like your recap on the conference:) I have yet to attend a Blogher conference but since the 2011 conference is going to be held in San Diego, I should be able to make it {driveable}.
    That pizza looked great!

  9. jill

    Loved your recap and assessment of the weekend. So spot on and so real for those who had been to a previous BlogHer.
    Fab meeting you at lunch – intimate conversations with cool chicks was truly the highlight of my time there!
    Hope to see you at other So Cal meet ups?

  10. vodkamom

    you are amazing, and the time we spent together was the best part of the conference.

  11. Issa

    I am with you. I didn’t try to do it all. I knew I didn’t need too and so I had a much better time this year. So glad I got to see you even if just a few times for seconds.
    San Diego!!!!!!

  12. Maureen@IslandRoar

    It sounds like lots of fun; so cool you got to meet so many bloggers in the flesh. I love Jessica Bern!
    Your photos of NYC are great!

  13. Di@PowderRoomGraffiti

    Suzanne – it was so great to meet and talk to you at the conference and the parties – and you have done a wonderful recap of the whole BlogHer experience!
    I also have to say what a fantastic photographer you are – this is the only photo I’ve seen of me from the conference where I don’t look like I need a police escort!


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