A Few Favorites

**  Thank you so much for your interest in my photos.  I've lowered prices on ALL the photos on my photo site and I'll keep the prices down until January 1st.  Hopefully that will make them more accessible for those of you who have expressed an interest in purchasing them for yourself or as a gift.  As requested, I've begun a Boston Album, but it's far from complete.  I'll be adding more photos to it soon.  Also, I'm working on a 2011 calendar.  I'll let you know as soon as it's complete.  **

I wasn't planning to bore you with more photos today, but since I've been layed-up for the last few days, I will.

It has been beautiful here.  I'm dying to swim but I can't with my arm so effed up.  No swimming, no photography. 


Instead, I've been a drugged-up couch potato.  To console myself, I've been going through photos and editing a few of them.  

I know it's not "Photography Friday" but I thought I'd editorialize a little along the way today.  

Feel free to ignore me!

OK, so there's nothing special about the above photo except … CUTE!  This baby penguin charmed me at the aquarium last week.  Look at his feet!  I wanted to bring him home and put him in the bathtub.  Someone needs to bottle the cuteness.

I call this next photo Reflection (I'm so clever!):


It's almost like a puzzle.  Can you figure out what's really in the window and what's a reflection from the building across the street?

The above is an unedited photo.  I could make it look better for you, but *ahem* I didn't.  (I will edit it before/if I upload it to my photo site.)  This was a spur of the moment shot.  A lot of the old historic homes in Boston have very narrow staircases.  The only way to get furniture upstairs, or back down again, is with the use of special cranes.  I came around the street corner just as this bed was being moved. 

* Click *

It captures a unique glimpse of what life's like in Beacon Hill.

Speaking of spur of the moment shots, here's one of my absolute (!!) favorites:

There are so many things I love about the above photo.  The woman you see in the side mirror reflection of the car appeared just at the right moment to give this shot a nice boost of character.


If you don't have a wide angle lens, save your pennies for one.  They are SO worth it!

Once again, there's a lot about the above photo that could be better. 


I'm glad I have it.  It was taken through very dirty, smudged, glass from the top of the Prudential Center.  It would have been all too easy NOT to take it given the circumstances.  I managed to avoid reflections and I cleaned it up as best I could in Photoshop.  It's always better to have an imperfect photo vs. no photo at all.

Can you handle two more?

Be aware of your surroundings and catch the "little" things others might miss.  I was admiring the architecture of this building when all of a sudden a painter appeared in one of the third floor windows. 


The Painter became an instant favorite photo.  Again, it captures a slice of life in the quaint neighborhood of Beacon Hill.

Today's last photo was taken in the Public Garden.  Remember, I mentioned taking a Swan Boat ride?  This photo captures the beauty and serenity of the experience.  I love how the Swan Boat is framed by the trees.  The duck swimming in the forefront adds a nice touch too.

I can't wait to get back out with my camera again.

If you'll excuse me now, I'm going to go call Dr. Painless.  I'm sure he's just dying to hear from me ….

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7 Responses to “A Few Favorites”

  1. Lynda M Otvos

    TF, you take some dynamite shots; i look forward to your calendar. May your pain give you a respite…

  2. Jan

    YAY!! for calling Dr. Painless.
    Okay – the reflection pic and the mirror pic? MY faves. You’ve got some mad photography skillz, girl.

  3. Erica

    The photos on this page are high resolution. For example, the Swan Boat picture is 5,184px × 3,456px. Do you ever have a problem with people saving them from your blog instead of purchasing the digital image from shutterfly?

  4. Jane

    I can’t wait for the calendar, but I’ll have to. Puhleeese include some of the Boston shots! Glad to hear you’re taking it easier today.

  5. Michelle Pixie

    You never bore me with your pictures! I love that reflection in the mirror shot and the painter and the street sign one!


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