A(nother) Humiliating Moment

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I'm behind on story sharing due to my travel and resulting bad pain flare up.

Nonetheless, have I got stories to tell!

Today, I'm going to share with you a very humiliating moment, but (for once!) it's not my humiliating moment.  I do, however, have permission to share this incident – although, I'm going to thinly disguise a few details and change a few minor facts to protect the humiliated innocent.

If you've been reading here for any length of time, you've heard me mention my good friend, Nike.  Nike and I have been friends for a long, long, time.  Nike and I have a lot of things in common.  Neither one of us is a "girly-girl," we both have an affinity for jeans and t-shirts, we have very similar senses of humor, etc., etc.

(Photo:  Giggling uncontrollably with Nike last spring.)

Nike and I are also very different.  She's much more together than I am.  And by together, I mean she isn't the one flashing her panty-less ass at people when we spend a day at the races.  Nike is the one shaking her head at my antics in wonder and bemused astonishment.


Except maybe I'm starting to rub-off on Nike.

About a year ago, one of Nike's friends talked her into doing a little work as an "extra."  We do live in Southern California afterall.  A lot of TV and movie filming goes on here and it can be fun to pick up a little additional cash by being an "extra" (background person) in a TV series or movie.

Recently, Nike was called to be an extra on a very popular, multi-Emmy-winning, TV show.  I can't tell you the name of it, but it might rhyme with Sad Ben.

* Ahem *

As it turns out, the day Nike needed to be on the set was the heaviest day of her period.  As in, she wanted to be at home – tampons nearby, with a bathroom close by to take care of matters every hour as needed. 

Instead, Nike had a marathon day of driving to and from L.A., dressing in costume, having her makeup and hair done, and spending hours standing around a set.

By the way, one of the stars of Sad Ben is a man named Don Lamm and she tells me he's drop-dead gorgeous in person.  Nike gets flustered just talking about him, and that's not like Nike at all. 

Apparently, in person, he's too-hot-to-handle gorgeous.  

Just in case you were wondering …..

Nike was very concerned about making it through the day without Aunt Flo causing major problems.  To alleviate some of her stress, she packed a ton of feminine hygiene products to take with her.  (Everything she could think of, in fact, so she could avoid a potentially embarrassing situation.) 

Once Nike was in costume, she was handed a purse as part of her outfit for filming.  She waited for an opportunity and then discreetly stuffed the purse with tampons, pads, and pads with WINGS on them.  You might say Nike overcompensated a little by bringing an entire drugstore a lot of products in her effort to avoid a situation.

Not long after, Nike was on the set of Sad Ben saying hi to gorgeous Don Lamm and doing what people do while filming a TV show.

Time passed.

Nike was getting a little nervous about getting a break in time to take care of things.

More time passed. 

Nike's concern and stress level was increasing. 

Then, one of the women in charge noticed something about Nike.  She approached Nike and informed her there was something wrong. 

"You're holding the purse as a clutch, but I want you to use the purse handle and hold it on your arm," she told Nike.

Nike, thinking she was supposed to use the purse as a clutch, had previously tucked the small chain handle into the purse before closing it.

Before she could respond, The Woman In Charge took the purse from Nike's hand and opened it to retrieve the handle.

Tampons, pads and WINGED pads went flying all over the set!

The Woman In Charge looked at Nike's multi-item collection scattered across the floor and said in a loud, shocked, voice, "Oh!  You're on your period!"

Ya know, just in case anyone present had missed the fact that feminine hygiene products were now strewn across the very set they were in the process of filming.

Everyone then proceeded to help Nike collect the tampons, pads, and pads with wings so she could hastily stuff them back in her purse.

I asked Nike when this particular episode of Sad Ben will be airing.  I realize her humiliating moment will be edited out of the scene, but of course I want to see her on TV.

She won't tell me!  

She is THAT embarrassed.

For some reason, however, she did allow me to share her story here on 24 with several thousand of you.

I'm going to Tivo every episode of the show so I don't miss seeing her.

If you watch Sad Ben?

Look for Nike.

She tells me they gave her really Big.Hair.

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5 Responses to “A(nother) Humiliating Moment”

  1. Jan

    That sounds just like something that would happen to me. No, scratch that – I’d have gotten it during the middle of the day, without warning and off-schedule, thanks to the Miracle of Menopause.
    I’m doing my best to study the sliver of Nike’s face you’ve provided us, in hopes of catching her, but everyone on Sad Ben has seriously big hair.

  2. Linda

    Nike must be a REALLY good friend to let you share this most embaressing moment! Thanks Nike! BTW: That is a GREAT photo of the two of you!


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